Hale & Hearty Honey

If you’ve lived on planet Earth for more than six months, you’ve heard of honey. But, what do you really know about honey? Probably that Winnie the Pooh is addicted and it pairs well with nut Cheerios. There’s a reason this post is titled, Hale & Hearty Honey.

Honey is the epitome of a superfood. You might want to add honey to your daily diet.

‘Hale’ to the Honey

This pure substance is the only food that contains all the necessary ingredients to sustain life. The vitamins, enzymes, and minerals found in honey are all the necessary ingredients to keep us alive and healthy. I repeat, Hale & Hearty Honey!

What’s more, it’ll never spoil.

The biggest amount of antioxidants is found in darker honey. Antioxidants can prevent arteries from narrowing which means a stronger heart. Enjoying honey on the regular can fight excess cholesterol. This is because of the beneficial effect it has on the level of antioxidants compounds in the body.

Speaking of cholesterol, you won’t find any in honey. But you’ll find constituent components and vitamins that help purge the bad cholesterol. Honey can help restore the cellular antioxidant defense system. Consequently, this improves memory. And, it’s worth mentioning that the calcium in honey is easily digested by the brain.

Doesn’t Sugary Stuff Give You Acne?

Yeah, about that. We avoid too many sugary products because of the negative effects on the skin. However, honey isn’t your typical sweetener. We’re talking about a different composition of sugar, not oily skin kind. Sweet! (see what I did there?)

Honey is an excellent antioxidant so regular consumption will cleanse the body of toxins. Also, its antibacterial properties will considerably improve the condition of your skin. Honey is used as a DIY moisturizer, light scrub, and pore cleanser.

There are countless ways to combine honey and natural products for skin care. These easy mixes cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate. A huge bonus is their antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Try it for yourself:

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There’s a magick quality between honey and air. It absorbs moisture and transfers it to the skin. So your face receives the hydration that lasts longer and stays in the layers of skin where its most needed.

What Else?

Honey is so much cooler than all that. We’re supposed to cut sweets out of our diet to lose weight, right? Not honey. Matter of fact, adding it helps us lose weight by boosting the metabolism. It also gives minerals and vitamins beneficial for the body we may lose on a diet.

The sugar in honey isn’t empty calories. It’s fiber, protein, and water. Add this to your day and notice your energy level change:

Seriously, read about the bees!

Do yourself a favor and experience the amazing benefits of honey. But, don’t stop there. Mother Gaia’s nature kingdom is full of magical health benefits. Go explore. Bee Amazed.

Get a Taste of Honey!

Queen V