Enchanting, Isn’t It?

Deep inner knowing is emerging within you

Magick is the bloodstream of the universe to be revealed after our senses sharpen. Whether we’re magickal practitioners or we’re connecting with divinity, once the mystical is experienced, there’s no denying the call of magick. The universe is enchanting and enchanted are we.

Soul Searching

Soul work is the core need of every path otherwise our life would feel directionless. Our earth experience has to have a purpose, right? If we remain spiritually immature we won’t seek change to assimilate recurring lessons. Soul work is an honest evaluation of our feelings, thoughts and motives as we decide what’s truly valuable to us. Usually we seek answers to the meaning of our existence. Many important aspects of human functioning is linked to spirituality.

Spirituality is a universal human experience with a connection to a higher energy source. Experiencing a one on one divine relationship is the epitome of enchantment.

Spiritual Healing

Healing professionals that practice a pseudo-scientific, alternative form of medicine identify as spiritual healers. Through energy therapy, vibrational medicine, and psychic healing, this holistic approach uses the natural universal laws to restore balance.

Shamans, chiropractors, psychologist and therapist work with this divine metaphysical practice for chakra healing or reiki, and use aromatherapy, herbal remedies and crystal healing stones for different ailments. Spiritual healing is recognize in the New Testament and has been used in ancient religions and can be found in modern religions today.

Not all of us are called to heal, but we do possess the power. We do this by using our intention or simply believing in the enchanting light in the core of our beings.

Witchy Ways

“as within, so without; as above, so below”

There isn’t anything sinister about using the innate power that we all possess while utilizing what Einstein taught us about vibrations. Also often healers, witches learn to manipulate energy for conducive changes or desires.

Witchcraft isn’t all broomsticks and wands… its a spiritual path for nourishment of the soul. Us witches have a deep love for nature and possess the knowledge of mother earth’s resources. Witches are blessed with the ability to see magick where others usually don’t and we shamelessly enjoy our enchanting lives.

Have you ever made a wish on your birthday candle? Prayed? Used superstition for luck? Heard of the Law of Attraction? …😉

Witchcraft is simply a tool to release the power within us and direct it to where we want it to go.


Spiritual Awakening

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


Each day more of us receive the invitation to expand consciousness to ultimately learn that we’re not humans on a spiritual path, but rather spiritual energy on a human experience. Each of us is on a journey where we will make mistakes that help us individually. We learn, grow and expand into higher consciousness. After we awaken spiritually, the transition into a life of abundance, prosperity and happiness begins.

Here’s the gist…

As we progress into deeper levels of understanding, we will expand our awareness of our divine mission, and fully awaken our light. However, as we progress into deeper levels of understanding, deep levels of emotions will surface. We uncover that everything we were taught about life isn’t actual reality. Most of what transpires on the awakening path can’t be described because it’s not something we can see. Spiritual awakening is felt through our experiences on our own unique journey.

The spiritual awakening process is very personal and I often hear it referred to as a deep challenge. This doesn’t have to be true for everyone though. Let’s understand that an awakening is scary because of the confusion. Most people aren’t aware of what an awakening is or actually know the definition of enlightenment.

I’m most people…I didn’t take my soul work advice above. It was brought to my attention after months of being in full force. I searched for an underlying trigger for my abusive behavior. Forgetting, misunderstanding emotions, and becoming extremely paranoid, I fell into a deep depression. All communication became conflict and rage my only emotion. Becoming familiar with the dark night of the soul alleviated muddling emotions. Learning I was experiencing a spiritual emergency brought deeper insights of my behavior toward my twin flame. Knowledge really is power.

Hidden Enchantments

We can successfully engage the challenges that rise from the interior shift, when we practice meditation, begin journaling, and honoring self-care. These exercises raise our vibrational frequency. So far I’ve discovered a mass of spirituality subjects exist that can be an important part of awakening. Just being familiar with some of these subjects can alleviate confusing symptoms of the shift:

karmic debt • dark night of the soul • gratitude • ascension

twin flame • soul calls • ego death • spirit guides • higher self

chakras • shadow work • synchronicities • vibrations

manifesting • energy cleansing • divine light • clairvoyance

binaural beats • ancestral debts • soul contracts • intention

positivity • divine timing • spiritual attacks • soul team

I’m obsessed with the magick of the universe and I constantly read about it, talk about it, and now write about it. The spirit world connects us to an unlimited, enormous consciousness, with no boundaries or limits to what it can create. The placebo effect is scientific proof that we possess the ability to bring things to existence with our thoughts. When will humanity absorb the power we hold?

I wish for all to be in love with their magickal lives as much as I’m in love with mine.

You can either live logically or magically, the choice is yours.

~ High vibrations!

Victoria ☯︎