My Favorite Enchantment: Twin Flames

“As within, so without. The twin flames always journey together through transformation and healing, reflecting back to each other any distress and hurts of the inner state. The goal is to tear down each wall that has been blocking out love. To reach a state of harmony – unconditional love for the self and the mirrored soul.”

Cassady Cayne/

So ancient is the desire of one another which is implanted in us, reuniting our original nature, seeking to make one of two, and to heal the state of man.”

– Plato, The Symposium

Metaphysical Connection

Twin flames are two souls that were once an individual energy consciousness. They chose to split in duality for the sake of learning life’s most valuable lesson – unconditional love. Twins will meet, ignite their powerful flame of passion, push each other’s buttons, learn valuable lessons, heal and finally merge in unity as ONE once more.

In the moment of finding our Twin Flame, we instantly merge souls. Our souls recognize the other from a rare transcendental standpoint. We get to experience the meaning behind the phrase, “love at first sight”. It’s exciting to be able to learn what a wonderful gift being a twin is. The love, passion, and attraction between twins are not bound by the laws of physics. The chemical reaction between twins awakens the Kundalini energy we store at the base of our spine. Eye contact and intimacy with our twin releases Kundalini energy, amplifying the receptors in our sensors making the event euphoric.

We can interact with our Twin Flame while meditating or on a spiritual plane because of our deep connection and indestructible bond. Sometimes two souls are created together and in love before ever being born.

Love is the Essence of our very Beings

“Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.”

– Plato, The Symposium

The purpose of the Twin Flame energy existing is to dismantle the relationship patterns of the past. It’s spiritual and not stumbled upon by chance. With this connection, we get a taste of pure bliss and help each other to heal, grow and expand. By doing this within ourselves, it’s also our soul work to do this for humanity. We are in an evolution period on earth right now. The earth’s vibration is rising and in turn, so are we.

Our feelings towards the other person aren’t easily describable. Stereotypical words seem cliche when speaking about the person we are prepared to make ultimate sacrifice for. The love between Twin Flames is in its purest form without materialistic satisfaction. Meeting our Twin Flame is the most happening moment of the heart. The feeling of our twin’s embrace is extraordinary making time stand still and posing the question of how we managed this long without them. Our twin gives us the satisfaction of being completely free, unconditionally.

Twin Flames are also a test of unconditional love existing towards ourselves after all of our past incarnates. Our twin gives us authenticity.

Heaven on Earth in a Real-Life Fairytale

“…when he looks at Beauty in the only way that Beauty can be seen – only then will it become possible for him to give birth not to images of virtue (because he’s in touch with no images), but to true virtue [arete] (because he is in touch with true Beauty). The love of the gods belongs to anyone who has given to true virtue and nourished it, and if any human being could become immortal, it would be he.”

– Plato, The Symposium

Finding our divine partner, our flame, that one soul tailored to our desires, makes magic happen. This is the only love that can never be eroded by time or difficulties. I describe the Twin Flame connection as literal Heaven on earth. Paradise is not a location, it’s what we feel in our experience. The connection is divinely blessed and a divine mission. The Twin Flame relationship is written in the stars and a gift of the perfect eternal companionship. Twin Flame souls agreed to meet and temporarily separate for the purpose of experiencing an intense longing for each other. This longing is from the soul’s desire to be one again in true unconditional love.

Although all relationships are different than the next, generally twins go through these series of events: instantaneous connection, falling deeply in love, blissful harmony, drama and turmoil, separation, overcoming obstacles, and then finally reuniting. Twins are extremely similar to a fairytale romance.

Or if you’ve already made the shift to 5D, our otherworldly, mythical friends can make it identical to a fairytale.

The Soul’s Other Half

Every path is unique but Twin Flames have reported similar accounts that we use to try to identify our connection if we are unsure. Below are popular traits of a twin connection, but these are not hard and fast rules and by no means exhaustive.

  • feel an uncontrollable magnetism to them
  • they are the stranger you recognize
  • feeling like you’ve been together all your life
  • intuitively knowing the vibrational level of the other
  • often experiencing the same thoughts in the same moment
  • overall peaceful ease and communication
  • sudden desire to better ourselves
  • no worries of embarrassment or shame
  • increased synchronicities
  • number sequences between the two as in birthdays or phone numbers

Ultimately, we know we have met our Twin Flame because we just know. We feel the connection even if we can’t properly fashion a description. Our intuition is loud and clear, being designed as our built-in guide. Twin Flame love can be hard to understand for those who haven’t experienced the feeling. The attraction to our twin has nothing to do with physical appearance, (although I’m mesmerized by my twin’s beautiful face) the physical attraction is felt through their presence in our souls.

Trigger Ascension

Our souls strongly desire to return to a place of harmony and union. Because of this, meeting our twin not only awakens our Kundalini energy but meeting our twin also trigger’s our spiritual awakening.

Our twin triggers a necessary purging process deep down inside us for transformation to begin. When I envision this process, I imagine a mini spiritual excavator removing layers of my lower back until reaching the depth of guilt and shame. Then moving to the middle of my back, digging into the trenches of my insecurities. We purge unhealthy negativity we’ve had buried deep inside of us, some we didn’t realize we had. This is so we can evolve together.

In turn, the purge will trigger our twin to run away from us and become silent. Like… hey, remember that time your trigger-happy energy exploded a fog of uncertainty and upheaval all over my reality? What’s going on?

Being a Twin is a Blessing, Not a Curse

Following our twin’s spiritual conception and leaving, we are forced to face our shadow self. I’ll be honest…it’s difficult to operate after our twin pulls all those triggers. Our twin introduces us to invisible wounds so we can nurture them with the intention, of finding the cure. Our emotional memories affect our attitude and self-esteem. Without the excavator throwing fear of abandonment, rancor, and the need to prevail around my house, the personal repressions stored in my cellular memory wouldn’t be observed. We need to heal ourselves from within versus pretending a trauma didn’t happen. We should be grateful for the psychic structures and physical imbalances brought to our attention.

Being a Twin Flame is often referred to as dark and traumatic causing others to be afraid of the experience, which isn’t cool. Being a Twin Flame is divinely satisfying. Having a divine mission on earth gives me something new to believe in. We should keep in mind that the universe is not punishing us or purposely hating on twins. We feel dark emotions because we are humans and humans have emotions.

Dark areas are found in many things being a human comes with. When my son was younger, I dreaded his homework or trying to get him interested in riding a bike or tying his shoe. Finally, we learned the root cause from within his being. He’s autistic. Now I understand he is operating differently than I’m familiar with and I changed his learning avenues. Having an autistic child can be difficult but the joy of his individual personality is amazing. Same with being a Twin Flame. Life is tricky, baby.

Your Mirrored Soul

I think it’s a fair statement that most readers are searching to alleviate the painful symptoms of separation. Many exercises are available to help us cope with the separation period, but the amount of information requires a post of its own. However, I will leave a couple of tips that I strongly urge be followed.

When in separation, hating on our twin only creates negative barriers. Having overwhelming and unstable emotions are a given but harmony with our twin is the ultimate desire. We should always respect the advice of, “careful what you wish for because you just might get it”.

Twin Flames share an identical energetic frequency. Helping our twin heal is the best form of love we can practice at this time.

Detaching from our twin’s activities and choosing ourselves as a priority is a healthy idea. We can’t add anything of value to our transformation if we are tormenting ourselves by monitoring their social media. My top advice is to temporarily close for spiritual maintenance.


Victoria ☯︎