The Power of Twin Flames as Lightworkers

“There’s something unusual about us. Something deeply spiritual. The way we fall into one another so naturally like our love was carved of the earth. There are star systems bursting at our fingertips when we touch. We are in tune. Our hearts croon the same old song. The universe planned for us. I know it. I know it.”

Beau Taplin – In Tune

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By now the majority of the spiritual community have heard of Twin Flames and the journey for divine ONEness. Many attempts are made to describe this divine soul connection but to understand fully, one needs to have the personal experience.

It seems to be most agreed that twins are a recursion of the original conscious thought that is divided. One soul in two bodies.

Their souls recognize each other upon meeting, which releases their Kundalini energies. These energies merge, which in turn merge the twins mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There are unusual benefits of being a Twin Flame that is personal and also for the greater good of humanity. Twin Flames are a type of Lightworker which the world is in need of today.

Feminine Light Aligned with Masculine Energy

When the twins are in a harmonious stage, they’re pulled together magnetically. The twins are perfect compliments of the other and they mirror each other perfectly.

Twin Flames are incarnated on Earth today for a few purposes. The most obvious is so they may experience unconditional true love but also during their journey, they get to clear their past lives karma and buried traumas.

The Twin Flame journey isn’t confined to personal gain though. They are also here to share their gifts with humanity. Twin Flame love raises the Earth’s vibration as well as the company around them.

What is a Lightworker?

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Irksome thoughts surround the term “lightworker”. Not all are on board with others believing they go beyond basic human abilities. Having an understanding of what a Lightworker is might change these opinions. We all possess gifts and abilities but not all of us tap into them. Go within, be still, and believe.

Lightworker is a person driven and motivated to do work which makes the world a better place, improves people’s lives, and/or elevates people to a higher level of consciousness.” – Wictionary

The Lightworker’s mission is to help humanity transition into the New World by spreading their collective knowledge of expanded awareness. Lightworker’s are actively shifting their energy and the energies of those around them for a worldwide improvement.

Lightworkers devote their path to using their magickal energy of inner light to dispel the darkness. These individuals channel energy for healing, bless others, protect, and emit a high frequency of love to raise humanity’s vibration. Lightworkers can transmute darkness into light.

Lightworker’s inner growth is enhanced. They are always learning new skills and integrating new lessons.

Most likely, these individuals have experienced hardships. Drama and trauma are common to have shown up in their lives so they can understand the darkness in order to lead others out of it.

A Lightworkers mission and journey are divinely guided.

Types of Lightworkers

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Not all Lightworkers are the same. Lightworkers share their unique special gifts with the world with the shared goal of unification. Lightworkers use their knowledge and special skills for the goodness of humanity. Some different types of Lightworkers include:

  • twin flames
  • empaths
  • grid workers
  • healers
  • environment/animal protectors
  • timeline workers
  • future seers
  • frequency workers
  • blueprint workers
  • messengers
  • astral travel workers
  • wayshowers
  • active blueprint weavers
  • saviors

The above list isn’t exhaustive. For more detail and an understanding of the titles and duties these Lightworkers hold, I would recommend fractalenlightenment.com9-types-lightworkers for better understanding.

What Exactly is Light?

Light or visible light that humans can perceive is electromagnetic radiation within the electromagnetic spectrum. Visible light is defined as having wavelengths. In physics, light sometimes refers to electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength whether its visible or not. This is what we imagine when we hear the phrase, “shine your light”.

Our bodies emit a characteristic spectrum of radiation. Sunlight is the thermal source radiation emitted by the Sun. The glowing solid particles in flames are a common thermal light source radiating mostly in the infrared.

In a metaphysical sense, light has a non-physics meaning. Light is the spiritual energy of vibration. When we send someone light or radiate our light, this is what we are sending – a vibration of love. Which actually the energy in the universe, all of the creation.

While light and energy are not the same things, energy is information that vibrates. The human energy field, or aura, is a subtle energy that can’t be measured. This is our field that links us to an indivisible whole of the cosmos. Our physical bodies connect to these energy fields by meridians and chakras. Energy medicine lightworkers can sense this energy.

Shining our light means using our inner divine light that we see in our third eye and we use our intention to transmute lower energies and send to others for healing.

The definition of ourselves can be telling through our beliefs and what we value. Our spiritual energy links us to life’s purpose which is ultimately to contribute to the greater good of humanity.

The Special aspect of Twin Lightworkers

Twin Flames aren’t just the lucky chosen ones that get to spend life on Earth with their perfect partner in bliss and harmony. Twins possess abilities for the greater good of humanity and they are on a divine mission.

Twin Flame’s are Lightworkers with a unique specialty. Their connection is powerful and transformative. Twin Flames channel love through our source as love which in turn, creates miracles.

We will all reach the level of vibration required to unlock our higher selves when we expand our spiritual development. Unlocking our light bodies gives us a greater connection to our intuition, higher consciousness, and our cosmic energies.

As the twins grow in their personal spiritual development, they become passionate about life. They each begin to live mostly from their hearts. Their love energy naturally radiates out to all the people and situations they come in contact with. This contagious event is reflected, helping others expand their own hearts.

We unconsciously imitate the emotions of other people. As in the event a stranger smiles at us and we automatically smile back. When we do this, we come to feel the emotion of happiness. Twins are experts at emotional movement between their light beam and those around them.

A Twin Flame lightworker has had a tough time uncovering their personal power as lightworkers. The prerequisites to this title included clearing and dealing with major karmic debts.

Because twins are the recursion of the original conscious thought, together they release one of the universe’s greatest powers – zero point energy. This is the energy that remains in a system when all other energy is removed.

Combined with clearing their karmic debts this produces absolutely neutral energy which in turn, can restore the energetic imbalance on the planet.

Now is the time for twins to unite because when Twin Flames are in alignment, their beam 10,000 times more light than we do alone.

Twin Flame Journey Activation

The event of meeting our Twin Flame activates a part of us that is vital for our spiritual growth and development.

The TF journey has several stages:

  • longing for the one
  • meeting our counterpart
  • blissful love
  • drama and turmoil
  • separation
  • runner/chaser phase
  • union

The beginning of the separation when the flame fizzles is the start of a different form of light work.

No contact usually accompanies separation. Suffering alone in the darkness of a broken heart cries out for the light. This gives them time to reflect on past relationships and how none of those were fulfilling. All those other relationships were lessons preparing them for their holy mission.

We don’t have the capability to unsee or unlearn something. Going from having our twin in our life to losing them highlights how our twin accelerates our growth and power.

The two souls that make up a Twin Flame connection are designed to work in tandem in all areas of this human experience. Twins are the epitome of Yin and Yang. They perfectly balance each other.

Overcoming the loss of our twin will reap the ultimate reward. After both twins have learned the lessons and worked through the pain, then they are ready for the union.

Necessary TF Upeahaval

Before the separation phase of the TF journey, they go through major upheaval and drama. This is necessary for their journey of self-love and growth. There can’t be changed if there isn’t chaos that provokes it.

When we are ready to endure chaos is when the universe delivers our twin. Just as any Lightworker is conditioned with traumas and misfortune, so are Twin Flames.

Twins trigger buried wounds in each other to surface for healing. Past life traumas, childhood wounds, and suppressed emotions are all being exposed at this time. Mainly through love related painful experiences. This was conditioning the twin’s heart chakras to evolve before the meeting.

A spiritual awakening is triggered in one of the twins when they meet. This is usually the feminine twin. Being oblivious to what is happening with an awakening simultaneously is a recipe for turmoil.

This experience is for the TF evolution. New energies will come into their lives after their healing and they advance in their development. Clarity and higher perspectives are achieved to prepare them for their mission as Lightworkers.

Written in the Stars

After the twins heal their traumas and come back in a union, they rise up in their mental body and their experience is coded in their conscious mind. Together the twins are a powerful duo for the larger scheme of things.

Twin Flames experience something different than other relationships. They feel a strong pull to the other that’s not easily articulated through words. Along with this, the twins bond can be felt in their heart chakras with a warm sensation when they think of the other.

Twin’s restore faith through their passion, love, and twinergy that they radiate to the world. Mother Earth’s vibration frequency raises following society’s that have caught energy balls of unconditional love from the twins. They are an inspiration.

They’ve came to Earth at this time to be of service of others. The Creator has employed them with a divine plan.

Highest of Vibrations!

Victoria ☯︎

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