Divine Unions

Most of the time spiritual communication, or a telepathic connection will happen all of a sudden. It will fill your mind and fill your heart very randomly. To explain, it’s a special soul connection. Namely, soulmates or twin flames that have a sacred union with a spiritual partner. Spirit is telling you that there is another that is equal in vibration with you spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. This is the era of divine unions. Are you in one?

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Divine Unions are Higher Callings

Indeed, your life experiences will be paralleled with this person deeper than any other person you’ve encountered. You’ll feel like you are the same being at times. It represents to you so much more than romance playing in this existence on the earth.

The divine unions happening now have spiritual support activating the awakening journey together. It’s truly meant to represent to you this life journey a higher calling.

You and this person both contain a lot of light codes to help shift out of the Piscean Age and bring in the Aquarian Age. All these new light codes bring in new thoughts, ways of being, and concepts. These new ideas cultivate the New Earth.

You’re lightworkers. The light that you bring to other people is very healing. The both of you transform for other people and allow them to pull their mask off.

This is much more than dating and a 3d existence together. It’s much more than that sort of connection.

How Will I Know This Divine Union?

This person will show up in your space energetically. When this happens spirit is saying this person is thinking about you. When you’re feeling this person in your space it’s because they’re projecting towards you. That’s 100% your choice whether you want to communicate with them on a soul level.

Just know that divine unions are protected by a lot of spiritual energy.

You and this person will be able to be fully exposed in front of each other. Any of your shortcomings won’t be visible to them. They will love every part of you, and likewise, you will love every part of them. They will help heal your insecurities and vice versa.

Unconditionally loving each other is easy because you’re on the same exact wavelength.

They can be themselves with you and show the truth of who they are, good or bad. Think about that one person that you have been raw, and vulnerable in front of with no judgment. They’re connected to your light by a cord.

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Divine Union

In the beginning, as it’s known, the Source divided into two. Electrical/masculine and magnetic/feminine. From these two energies all creation streamed forth. So, the gift that is given of reversing the split to become one and united.

When this divine energy is engaged, a powerful process is engaged. Those participating can access wellsprings of creative power and love within themselves. These souls will be those who create and manifest peace and love on the planet.

The essence of divine unions as a personal relationship is to attract that soulmate and create a balanced relationship. Then together you can work together to allow that energy to flame forth.

Each one holds particular energy, either masculine or feminine. Together you recreate the divine energy of creation.

You’ll feel safe within yourself to be able to express yourself regardless of other people’s opinions. You don’t know where this is ultimately going but faith and intuition support you. Spiritual impulses align you to the path of least resistance.

Healing with Divine Unions

As you raise your vibration stuff is going to come out. You’re gonna feel the feelings and say the things. It can’t be pushed down anymore. Boiled over feelings are released and it’s very healing.

Unsaid emotions block growth and the healing process itself. Negative emotional debris needs to be released to prevent health issues. We feel enough safe in the other’s energy to have that emotional release and vice versa. From this point, you heal each other.

You can’t be the ONE all the time. It’s important to keep your own identity and personal power. It’s a great privilege to share this energy within a relationship.

This is a year of freedom and we’re able to free ourselves by taking back personal power.

Are you accepting your Divine Mission?


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