Need a Disenchantment?

It’s easy to fall victim to naughty magick. Likewise, we create negativity for ourselves. In reality, there are countless scenarios for why lower vibrations, dark magick, or spirits attack. Have you asked yourself lately if you need a disenchantment?

Above all, our oblivion makes us vulnerable to paranormal and mystical attachments. The things that go bump in the night aren’t make-believe, and they want to get to know us.

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Open for Business

Spiritual awakening. You’ve heard of it?

Firstly, let’s acknowledge that there are some not-so-bright parts. As we shed layers, we go through the extreme polarity of emotions. Negative vibrations are attracted to the following:

  • we might experience rage
  • fear
  • spiritual depression or dark night of the soul
  • anxiety

Awakenings make us more noticeable. It’s like we’re open for business for otherworldly communication. Setting boundaries and clearing your energy on a regular are important. Have you noticed a rise in charmers coming out of the broom closet? Maybe that’s because we live in the era of awakenings. And, when we accept our spiritual awakening, we accept our magical gifts.

Of course, cooperating with dark spirits is frowned on, but the dark arts have been choreographing unfortunate endeavors longer than we’ve been here.

Do you need a Disenchantment from Baneful Energy?

spell jar at an altar

Generally speaking, the world is surrounded by a multitude of energetic influences. Other people’s energy and thoughtforms build up into a sludge in the aura. That turns into low vibrations which, in turn, attract negativity. Energetic debris threatens our health and well-being. Also, makes it easier for negative energy to attach to us.

Incessant negative thoughts grow into thought-forms. They entangle themselves in the subconscious. Thoughtforms survive by feeding off the same frequency that created them. They induce more emotional-energetic thoughts in their host.

Habitually unloving ourselves with negative self-talk or opinions feed thoughtforms. Don’t do that.

It’s important to realize, that beings with a different level of consciousness interact with us all the time. These entities can be from this plane, upper or lower planes, any dimension, or even a different galaxy. 

If you feel guided, attach yourself over here and read more about what could be haunting you.

Do I Need a Disenchantment?

I’m a hard-core advocate for spiritual hygiene. But first, let’s chat about the signs of a curse.

Do you have the distinct feeling of being jinxed or cursed? The mere feeling of a crossed condition manifests all kinds of ill-fortune.

Hallmarks of a crossed condition:

  • persistent bad luck
  • nightmares
  • losing employment
  • being betrayed by seemingly everyone
  • repetitive accidents
  • feeling the presence of negative energies
  • unexplainable rashes
  • bizarre negative occurrences
  • anxious
  • sudden illness

Keep in mind that a pattern of faltering romantic relationships could be due to karma. Sometimes instead of family jewels, ancestral patterns and curses are handed down family lineages.

However, even under those circumstances, a disenchantment can benefit you. Yay for magick!

Source of Ill Enchantment

Usually, the solution is easier to find than the source.

The first thing to remember, don’t flip a witch switch!

Enchanters, sorcerers, and all other magical practitioners intentionally cast out curses. In fact, this happens whether you believe it or not. Poor unawakened souls go flocking to dark cauldrons to reap dirty work in real life.

Comparatively, be aware of the evil eye. In short, someone’s envious or hateful thoughts get projected toward another. The negative energy latches onto that person’s energetic field.

Ultimately, it’s extremely easy to cross ourselves. Even the false belief of a curse is a crossing. Hence, the Law of Resonance. That false belief accumulates dense energy that heightens bad luck.

Needing a disenchantment isn’t only for a psychic attack or spiritual attachment. Having a dirty aura creates similar situation and harm. All the sludge has banefully interfered with your health and growth. Disenchant that thing.

Enchanting Path of the Wise

Aside from whatever created low frequencies, the goal is to disenchant the ill will.

Did you know that witchcraft is referred to as the path of the wise? Practicing magick is deeply spiritual and incredibly fun.

Indeed, I’ve been the target of diablerie craft. In the end, I discovered that I can stir the cauldron with the Crones. Likewise, you can too! You have power over your energy.

Bippidi, Boppidi, Disenchant Me

Simply, it’s essential to release energy and clear the aura regularly. Releasing years of heavy, stagnant low vibes and other people’s energy is a rewarding process.

My inadvertently crafted Disenchantment Bottle has helped others too. The bottle is a mixture of power that clears, cleans, and protects. It’s the complete package to uncross yourself, banish a curse, or reject the evil eye.

  • a lot of salt
  • healing crystals
  • dressed candle
  • talisman
  • rainwater
  • uncrossing oil
  • enchanted palo santo
  • herbs from my garden
  • lavender and/or rose petals
  • progress journal

I use all colors and forms of salt. Salt participates in my spiritual baths, putting barriers across doorways and windows, and forms a circle around burning candles.

I’ve used table salt, sea salt, dead sea salt, Himalayan salt, and black salt. In the same fashion, I’ve tried fine, course, and salt lamps. Although Himalayan salt is my go-to, all salt is powerful.

I recommend spell crafting your own intention candles. Alternatively, you can dress a candle with oil and herbs.

For added oomph, I burn sacred symbols and intentions into Palo Santo before use.

For the energy of purification, I collect the freshest rain water to add to the spiritual bath.

Selenite is my favorite crystal for this purpose. Amethyst and hematite work well for this too.

Finally, you should keep a log of your intentions, rituals, and what worked for you. Without a doubt, what works for some doesn’t for others.

Wishing you all Love & Blessings

Provided that an uncrossing is necessary, it’s important to realize that you can create your own solution.

Undoubtedly, I clear my energy daily. However, if my vibe drops, I’m around heavy energy, or I feel low projection from others, I have a solid technique to bring me back into balance.

I perform energy work with the same coordination as a ceremonial ritual. To get you started with your own Disenchantment, I’m glad to share methods. The checklist ensures my space is prepared, how to call in angelic or guardian protection, and how to clean up after releasing all that low energy. Download your own step-by-step guide below.

Want an instant download of Disenchantment Journal? Subscribe now and receive a free 9-page pdf download via email. The guided journal walks you through the disenchantment progress, starting at prepping the area, disposing of remains, and then replacing energetic space.

All things considered, if you feel guided, check out a more detailed post about awakenings here.

Remember, even a conscious curse can’t affect high vibes. Love and gratitude act as powerful shields.

With the Highest of Highest Love & Bright Shiny Blessings,


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