Is Something Haunting You?

At one point we probably had fun exploring the darker side of the other-worldly. Halloween especially is the optimum time to get together with a group to tell ghost stories or visit a haunted house. The thrill of this is for entertainment…to a point. What happens when we open our minds to the possibility that these scare tactics aren’t just for a trick or treat? Is something haunting you?

Our obliviation leaves us vulnerable to paranormal and mystical attachments. Sometimes the things that go bump in the night want to get to know us.

Do you Believe in (Black) Magick?

The art of practicing magick has been around since, forever. Practicing magick has become increasingly popular. More witches are coming out of the broom closet. Living in the era of awakening is synonymous with acknowledging our magickal gifts.

Being a witch isn’t like the storybooks depict. Can I turn someone into a frog? Probably not. The worst I’m guilty of is sending a jinx. But throwing dumb-luck someone’s way is mild compared to stirring the cauldron with the crones.

Any ill-willed jerk with $30 can locate a spell caster to do their dirty work. Countless magicians with a diablerie craft are willing to wreak havoc on someone’s personal effects. Misfortune can be wished our way without us being aware.

Also, enchanters all over the world share magickal rituals as solutions for seemingly every problem. Practicing magick is deeply spiritual and incredibly fun. The first taste of mysticism is addicting and triggers the magick awakening.

Performing magick from an egoist or scorned view can be dangerous.

If we aren’t responsible, deceptive spirits can enter with malicious intent. Cooperating with dark spirits is frowned upon, but the dark arts have been choreographing unfortunate endeavors longer than we’ve been here.

Is Baneful Energy Haunting You?

The fact is that physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual influence us. Ultimately, this can cause health imbalances. What’s more, it interferes with alignment to our spiritual powers.

  • work environment
  • personal life
  • being exposed to intense emotional energy
  • environmental sources like toxins, sounds, & chemicals

Repressed dark characteristics can subconsciously attract this type of energy.

Are Negative Thought Forms Haunting You?

Thoughtforms are not actual spirits but temporary beings created in the etheric plane. They survive by feeding off the same frequency that created them.

Since like attracts like, having an aura full of negativity is calling out for more. Once they attach to their host, they induce the thoughts that will feed them.

Is Something Haunting You?

Any distinct thing that seems to have a form of existence is an entity. Paranormal experts use “entity” because aside from the fact that they exist, not much is known about them.

Beings that have a different level of consciousness interact with us all the time. These entities can be from this plane, upper or lower planes, any dimension, or even a different galaxy. Contact with entities range in reasons:

  • a spirit from a past life connection with unresolved issues
  • a traumatized soul in search of comfort
  • a spirit who is lost and seeking direction
  • a negative spirit who’s goal is to stop our spiritual growth
  • intercourse with someone that has an entity attachment

Usually, most people with entities are unaware of the attachment and live their entire lives with them. It’s common for young children, the elderly and animals have entity attachments.

Entities feel threatened and become more active when we begin a spiritual practice. They can jump from one person to the other by close contacts such as hugging or sex.

Attachment spirits refuse to surrender to the death experience. They search for someone vulnerable to attach to. Openings in the energetic field are opportunities for an entity to attach.

Ongoing anger, resentment, and bitterness can attract lower vibing entities. Not to mention, violence, drugs, and alcohol weaken the aura.

Living with an entity mimics those of the entity. Eventually, we start owning its energy and behave out of character.

We assume responsibility for disturbing thoughts and will experience undesired emotional responses. We can mistakenly live life powerless and unaware of dark manipulation.

Definitely, any spiritual attachment of malevolent intent likely prey on highly impressionable individuals.

Signs of a Negative Attachment

  • self-sabotage
  • chronic fatigue
  • sudden onset of aches and pains
  • insomnia
  • suicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • personality changes
  • addictions
  • violent behavior
  • nightmares
  • sudden anxiety
  • persistent negativity
  • difficulties in relationships
  • alienation
  • mood swings

These entities affect what we think, speak, do and feel. Sadly, a lot of attachment or possession is associated with mental illness. In that event, the host is medically treated for such. The victim knows something isn’t quite right inside but can’t find the source.

Hold a Light for the Dark

Altogether, the world is made up of spiritual energies. When we vibrate off of fear, hate, and shame, lower spiritual energies start to notice us. Is something haunting you?

It’s important to realize that we should transmute energies with love and light before releasing them to the universe. Also, it lowers the chance of negative energies floating around.


Victoria ☯︎