17 Ways Light Workers Can Shine

Lightworkers can shine through their bright aura. Divine workers inspire and uplift the human spirit in so many different ways. A Light worker’s main mission is to serve humanity by spreading their light. This is done in countless ways. But it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be working as a healer or life coach to do it. You shine your light on everyone you show compassion and non-judgment to. Here are 17 ways Lightworkers can shine their light while helping people any way they can.

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Energy Clearing Tools

The first out of 17 ways lightworkers can shine is by crafting energy clearing tools. With every clearing exercise, you allow more of your own higher energy to come through. It also makes it easier to communicate with the beings of higher consciousness and the angelic realm.

With this intention, its important for all of us to keep a clean aura.

Help others clear their energetic debris by making them a tool for energy clearing.

1. Smudging Bouquet

A smoke bath is my favorite way to clear out lower, stagnant energy. A lightworkers goal is to transmute low energy. Smudging does literally just that.

Include herbs and flowers that you grew yourself. Your energetic light is running through the veins of that sprig of rosemary you gave life to.

However, you don’t have to grow your own herbs and flowers to spread your light. You charge it with your good intention just by making it.

If you include Palo Santo, try using a wood burner to reinforce your intention. Adding sacred symbols, sigils, and words gives that extra oomph of your energy.

A Smudging Bouquet is very versatile.

Make Smudge Bundles

  1. Cut the plant material around 7-10 inch lengths.
  2. Measure a piece of thin hemp or cotton string about 4 times longer.
  3. Bundle the branches together.
  4. Hold the tips of the plant pointing down. Start at the base and wrap the string tightly.
  5. Finally, while pressing the plant material together wrap the rest of the bundle to the tips.

2. Divine Light Bath Shots

A great place to shine your light is on someone else’s clogged aura. Clearing the energetic fields raises our vibration.

A spiritual cleansing bath releases low vibrations and stagnant energy. In turn, it raises the vibration of that person and also the planet.

Having a good soak in the tub has so many more benefits. Read DIY Bath Shots.

Give the gift of spiritual hygiene to people who need a good cleansing for their highest good.

Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are an excellent way to stabilize the mood. Working with crystals emit energies that rid stress and promote calmness. Crystals raise our vibration and align us with a greater connection to spirit. They clear negative energy and create harmony in the environment.

Are you obsessed with healing crystals like I am? If so, gifting a few crystals probably won’t put a dent in your collection.

3. Healing Crystal Bracelet

Crystal healing bracelet with a silver owl charm. White, dark blue, and black stones. Spacers with diamonds.

Initially, I jumped on the bracelet-making craft to sell them. Instead, I enjoy making them for myself and gifting them to others.

Each crystal’s vibration frequency helps us with multiple things. For this reason, you can make a healing crystal bracelet for literally anything.

Do you know someone suffering from diabetes? String them a bracelet of Chalcedony because it improves glucose.

Again, the possibilities are endless.

4. Mojo Bag or Medicine Bag

Mojo bags or a medicine bag is a mix of contents. Traditionally a healing enchantment spell is cast on it. If you know someone suffering from an ailment, charge some crystals and throw them in a bag with some herbs. Some examples are below.

Suffering from migraines can inhibit us from enjoying everyday activities. Make them a medicine bag with an assortment of healing crystals for migraine relief. Specifically, amethyst for relaxing and topaz for releasing mental stress.

Sometimes people fall victim to psychic attacks, especially when they start their awakening. Whether they create a crossed condition themselves or don’t understand how to control their energy, they could use a hand.

Make them a medicine bag of angelite, selenite, and Kyanite so they can get closer to their spirit guides.

5. Intention Candles

A homemade candle is a great gift idea for any occasion. For any situation, you can imbue the candle with your intention to uplift their life.

Help people get closer to the elements. Make an element intention candle based off their zodiacal sign.

Intention Bottles

6. Spell Jars

Consequently, the craft connects us to our intuition. As a result, we’re open to a different kind of potential and growth. Experimenting with magick is a form of personal development like no other.

By putting together an assemble-yourself spell jar they will experience spiritual essence. This helps them connect to the power of the universe. In turn, they can learn that everything needed is within.

Significantly, the goal is for them to be the energy they want to attract. Practicing magick is natural and empowering. It’s simply a harmonious movement of energy to create change. 

7. Talisman

Do you believe in lucky charms? Studies show that many people do. Since a talisman is used to attract something, it is a lucky charm. 

Craft and charm a talisman for someone struggling with a specific reason. Or, create one to attract high vibrations or joy for someone with low energy.


Spiritual awakening is our transition to new levels of awareness. Alternatively, referred to as self-realization. When we don’t have a strong sense of our self we’re influenced to live how others think we should. There are a few big definitions of self-realization. It’s generally defined by the activation of one’s full potential. Ultimately, self-realization is discovering the answer to the foundational question, “Who am I?”

If you know someone struggling with depression, create a writing exercise so they can sort out their thoughts.

8. Journaling

Make someone a personalized journal for a simple and organized way for self-reflection exercises. Or, if someone is having odd dreams, make a dream journal.

The unconscious holds messages through symbols and dreams. We can become more open to messages by recording our dreams. Creating a journal for them to keep by their bed helps them decipher their unconscious mind.

Or, make them a guided journal to get their lightworker juices flowing.

I created a digital download journal full of encouraging prompts. It’s a guided journal to help you shine your light on help Gaia. For anyone doing clearing work, shadow work, or going through a self-transformation, this guided journal is for you. 

9. Workbook

Many people struggle with their identity, especially when tuning in to spiritual gifts. Create a self-awareness workbook.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate, it could be a few self-discovery questions to get them started.

The questions can be regarding a specific event, or certain thoughts and reactions they’ve had. Or, just in general the “Why’s” regarding personal traits:

  • do I act this way?
  • … I think this way?
  • do I like this person?
  • Why do I want to be accepted by this person?


10. Zen Garden

A Zen Garden is a way to find peace & serenity in a natural setting. This reduces stress, anxiety, and promotes relaxation. Using a Zen Garden quiets the mind so we can truly experience the present moment.

It’s crazy easy to make a Zen Garden and there are so many ways to do it. A cheap way to make one is with recycled items:

  • Shoebox lid or old picture frame for the base
  • Decorative sand
  • Chopsticks or small rake toy
  • A calming color of acrylic paint
  • Find stones outside or maybe you have decorative rocks from a fish tank

Even if you buy all the materials this is a low-cost craft. Gift it to someone for their desk at work. That way after a stressful situation, they can quickly center and ground themselves.

11. Inspiration Stones

Looking for inspiration or encouragement? Sometimes just the right words can lift someone’s spirit and keep them going in the right direction. On the whole, they can be used for daily reflection, during meditation, or simply as decoration.

For example, some motivational words are:

  • believe
  • love
  • faith
  • brave
  • inspire
  • namaste
  • dream
  • hope
  • blessed

Paint a different word on some interesting stones for a neat way to encourage someone.

12. Coloring Book

Children aren’t the only ones that enjoy coloring. Coloring is relaxing and calming.

Get creative and turn photos into a coloring book for the artsy person that needs to relax.

Spend Valuable Time with Someone

Sometimes we just need an ear to vent all our worries to. Let someone sort out their scattered thoughts by just listening to them. During solitude in a quiet environment, we can clearly analyze ourselves. A comfortable place like a peaceful garden is ideal for friends to share questions and answers.

If you know someone in need of getting some things off their chest, invite them to a quiet activity.

That way, they have your full attention for a discussion.

13. Do Yoga With a Friend

Introducing someone to yoga is a great gift to give. Practicing yoga connects our body and mind to abilities we didn’t know existed.

Gather a group of friends that need a good stress release. Or, just that one person for a yoga session.

14. Share a Guided Meditation

I’m a chronic meditator. Guided meditation is my favorite. I found one I enjoyed so much that I shared it with a few people. Not by sharing through technology either. Whenever they came to visit and it was just the two of us, I asked them to join me.

If meditating is something you’re into, share one with someone.


Undertake someone’s task and expect nothing in return.

Tons of people could use a hand with something. This could be an elderly neighbor, a kid with no friends, or a newlywed throwing her first dinner party.

In any event, if you spot someone that could just really use the help, offer your time.

15. In Someone’s Garden

Keeping up with a garden is demanding. But, the older we get, the less energy we have. Offering to help nurture someone’s garden is a wonderful way to volunteer your time. It’s a task that would be much appreciated.

My son and I offer our help to anyone in need in our town. Gardening is therapeutic and fun.

16. Help Someone With Recycling

Unlike gardening, recycling sucks! It’s confusing and time-consuming. Help people find a solution for uncommon recycling materials.

Or, volunteer to take in recycling for people that don’t have that option.

17. Lightworkers Can Shine Online

Starting a blog is a great way to shine your light worker’s light around. But, you don’t have to have a blog to be online.

Some lightworkers have websites where they offer a service or product. Obviously, the type of service is broad and wide. Some possibilities are:

  • offer healing or teaching –
    • reiki
    • crystal healing
    • hypnosis
  • coaching
  • make spiritual aesthetics
    • healing crystal jewelry
    • Mp4 meditations
    • shadow work journals

Create a website and make your gifts available to the world. Become a guide for someone else struggling with their own awakening. Or create tools to help others learn and grow.

If a website, blog, or an online store is something you may try, consider BlueHost as your web host.

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  • they currently host over 2 million websites

There Are More than 17 Ways Light Workers Can Shine

We have Two Choices: Do Something, or Do Nothing

I understand that being a lightworker doesn’t automatically obligate us to be citizens of the year. Simply being uplifts the vibration of the world. Likewise, I’m not claiming that lightworkers should go around gifting people.

However, for the ones that feel called to action but don’t know how, these 17 ways light workers can shine are suggestions.

Indeed, it’s time for lightworkers to stop hiding their soul gifts out of fear of what other people think. You may never get to see the positive impact you have on others. But, understand how fundamental creating impactful content and tools are for other people in need.

Essentially, we need more leaders to step up and help anchor the New Earth.

How will you extend yourself to people and situations?


Share your personal stories, fellow seekers.