DIY Bath Salt Shots

Let’s talk about salt, baby! Salt is one of humankind’s most valuable commodities. However, salt has other uses than flavoring food. Natural salt has the proper balance of minerals, calcium, and magnesium. Combine it with water and the negatively charged ions support electrical, hormonal, and chemical balances. With this in mind, soaking in salts sounds like a great idea, right? Hence, I’ll give you even more reasons to jump on board with DIY bath salt shots.

  • reduce swelling & inflammation
  • brightens & strengthens skin & nails
  • ease muscle tension
  • soothes itching from psoriasis, rosacea, eczema
  • prevent fungal growth
  • soothing properties for irritation
  • hydrates layers of skin

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The Magick of Salt

There are many superstitions linked to salt. It should be the first item laid on the dinner table and the last to be removed. To ward off bad luck, throw salt over your left shoulder. It’s been used since the beginning of time for its purifying and protective qualities.

Enchanters use this crystal to divine the future, ward off negativity, and invoke deities.

Sea salts are mineral-rich and contain a whole family of minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The amniotic fluid that has developed our beings inside the womb is the same mineral composition as the ocean.

When those minerals impart on the surface of the skin, there is a very synergistic exchange promoting healing which speeds the recovery process for cuts & wounds.

When absorbed through the skin, sea salt replenishes lost minerals cosmetically. This means they can reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.

What Kind of Salt to use in Your DIY Bath Salt Shots?

Epsom Bath Salt

It’s difficult to obtain sulfates by food. But, they play a vital role in forming brain tissue, joint proteins, and the digestive tract. Soaking in a tub infused with Epsom salts for just 15 minutes is all our pores need for absorption.

Himalayan Bath Salt

Earning an impressive curricular vitae, a condensed list of pink salt’s capabilities include:

  • stimulates circulation that improves sleep quality
  • relieves migraines
  • soothes muscle soreness
  • draws out toxins
  • alleviates sinus infections
  • reduces allergies
  • increases libido

Dead Sea Salt Bath Salt

Dead sea salt mineral content differs from other salts. Having only 8% sodium chloride & holding a higher percentage of potassium at around 20 – 28%, it’s vital to heart rhythm, hydration & pH balance. Dead sea salt help stimulates hormone function in the skin, especially estrogen and testosterone.

Factoring that dead sea salts are 33% magnesium chloride with other beneficial minerals, some claim dead sea salts are the healthiest in the world to bath in.

Get Witchy With It!

As a practicing witch, I have a habit of enchanting, well, almost everything. However, if you’re not down with the thought of witchcraft, then bless it instead!

Spoiler alert…it’s the same thing!

Close your eyes and open your crown chakra. Imagine a bright, liquid light – whatever color you wish – coming down from the divine and flowing into your crown chakra.

Cup the properties in your hands and hold them close to your mouth. Breathe in slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

On every inhalation imagine breathing in the color of the divine light. On every exhale imagine the same color forming a cloud around the correspondences. Do this nine times while mentally stating your intention.

Bath time alone is wonderful for our health as the warm water helps to get cardiovascular and respiratory systems working together. Warm water can increase serotonin and make our human bodies release the tension.

DIY Bath Salt Shots

What do you need to make your own? Here’s a list of what I use. Click on the links to get your own.

I used glass tubes because they are plastic-free and I’m an environmentalist. They are reusable for other projects or more bath salts.

Once all the ingredients are enchanted and mixed together, I tube them up. I pour a tube (or two) into the bathtub while it is filling with water. While the salt dissolves, the magical aroma fills the room. Now, slide into the tub and spiritually cleanse your booty!

Why add Your DIY Bath Shots to your Tub?

Because just like the body needs nourishment to grow, spirit needs it too.

Create a vial full of self-love soda suds full of properties that attract the feeling of love. A spiritual bath is so soothing, cleansing, and good for your soul. And spirit! The Law of Ritual says any act performed repeatably with specific intent becomes a Rite.

Create your Spiritual Rite today!

What combinations of herbs and salt did you use? Let me know in the comment section below!

Soak in Your Own Self-Care!

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