Uncrossing Rituals to Try

We all have a unique energy signature constantly interacting with all of the other energies. What’s more, self-doubt and stress block out loving energy. In reality, there are countless scenarios for why lower vibrations, dark magick, or spirits could be attacking us. Because I’m all for sharing, I’m happy to share cleansing rituals I created, used, and found success with. In this post, I share some uncrossing rituals to try.

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Spiritual Cleansing is Sooooo Important

On the whole, take note that creating your own uncrossing ritual (or spell) is possible.

However, if you’re not comfortable crafting magick, then make your bath a spiritual cleanse.

Habitually unloving ourselves with negative self-talk feed thoughtforms. Therefore, cleansing your vibration with a sweet, herbal bath helps. Self-care not only boosts your self-esteem but also keeps lower vibrations at a distance.

Include any correspondences that your intuition guides you to use. Before you begin a spiritual cleanse, set the intention to release all negativity.

Anytime we banish negativity or lower vibrations, we should release them with love into the light. We don’t want that negativity floating around to reattach to us or someone else.

Nourishing Flowers for Uncrossing Rituals to Try

  • Sunflowers – symbolic of harmony.
  • Calendula – is soothing.
  • Roses – has a high vibration.
  • Lavender – a great psychic cleanser.
  • Yarrow – brings confidence & courage.
  • Marjoram – represents sweetness.

Powerful Herbs & Spices

  • Bay Leaves – protective, healing, & promotes strength.
  • Cloves – protect & promote love.
  • Fennel –  is a protector against evil spirits & avert the evil eye.
  • Ginger – grounding & protective.
  • Salt – Purifying & protective.
  • Juniper Berry – removes stuck negative energy.
  • Cinnamon – attracts love & luck.
  • Rosemary – is healing & protective.

Essential Oils for Uncrossing Rituals to Try

Diffusing essential oils is a great way to clear negative energy. Further, the oils stay in the air for hours for a continued therapeutic experience. A diffuser will also reduce the accumulation of negative energy and consequently, raise your vibration.

Any of the above flowers, herbs, and spices come in essential oil form. They can be added to the bath or diffused to cleanse you or your space. You can also try:

  • Pine Oil – is very protective against negativity.
  • Frankincense – clears negative energy & invokes spiritual protection.
  • Palo Santo – purifies negative energy. Will deflect psychic attacks.
  • Sage – long time used for cleansing, purifying, & protection.
  • Angelica -cleanses the aura from negative energy & helps release unwanted spirits.
  • Cypress – helps to remove stagnant energy and promotes energetic flow. 


Use a smudge stick made of Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse the home and yourself. Otherwise, you could use a smudge bundle of flowers. When Sage is burned it releases negative ions, which naturally promotes positivity.  Both are known to get rid of evil spirits.

It’s common for smudging rituals to incorporate all four elements. Consider using an abalone shell while you smudge. The shell represents water, the smoke represents air, unlit herbs represent earth, and lit they represent fire.  

Eating and drinking ginger before spell work to promote healing.

Use a singing bowl to break up stagnant energy.

Uncrossing Rituals to Try

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It’s important to create your sacred space.

Uncrossing Ritual #1

Smudge the room, all items being used, and yourself. Light your smudge stick, blow out the flame and let it smolder. As you move around your house, clearly state your intention. Move clockwise and make sure the smoke drifts into hidden spaces. Always have an open door or window so the energy has an exit. 

Inscribe a candle with the word “uncross” or “banish negativity”. On the Bay Leaf, write the words “cleanse me” and “purify”. I find a sharpie works best as an ink pen will wash off and also the leaves will crumble.

Light the candle and put on sound therapy music specifically that drives away negativity.

As the water is pouring into the tub, add your salt. Envision liquid Divine light transforming the water into its highest possible vibration.

Next add two drops of lavender and two drops of frankincense essential oil. Add a pinch of Rosemary to the tub.

Swirl the water counterclockwise three times with the Bay Leaf. Simultaneously, chant the uncrossing spell:

“By the power of my Higher Self and the Divine Light inside of me, I now banish all negativity.”

Get in the tub, close your eyes, and sit quietly. Meditate on your intention. Be sure to dip your head underwater at least once before you get out. Then, before you exit the tub completely, let all the water drain first. Stand up and brush the excess water off of you starting at your face and working down.

Uncrossing Ritual #2

Do all steps as described in Ritual #1. Instead of the lavender and frankincense oil, add a pinch of lavender flowers and roses.

Arrange around your bathtub a clear quartz crystal, a rose quartz crystal, and seashells. You can also use starfish or sand dollars.

Set your intention. Tell the universe that you release anything but love into the Divine Light.

Meditate on your intention. Be sure to dip your head underwater at least once before you get out. Then, before you exit the tub completely, let all the water drain first. Stand up and brush the excess water off of you starting at your face and working down.

Soak in Your Own Self-Care

The fact is that some things simply do not work for some people but do for others. My perspective of craftwork is the same as my spiritual practice. Ultimately, what’s true for me may not be true for you.

If none of this sounds appealing to you, then consider a simple salt bath. If you feel guided, check out ideas in this DIY post.

With the Highest of the Highest Love & Bright Shiny Blessings!

Victoria 🕉

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