6 Tools To Elevate Your Spirituality

There’s talk of spirituality more often due to Mother Earth Gaia evolving, but, what do those words mean anyway? Do you know how unhealthy the accumulation of energy in the aura is? How about how the most important moment you’ll ever experience is the now moment? Take advantage of, and share, these 6 free tools to elevate your spirituality.

Elevate Your Spirituality by Paying the Lords of Karma

I’m willing to bet you’ve heard of the law of attraction and the many exercises to use it. One, in particular, is to write a check to yourself for abundance, signed from the universe.

A spin on that is to balance your karmic checkbook.

Throughout our lifetimes we accumulate good and bad karma. We do reap what we sow regardless of how long it takes. The Lords of Karma don’t hand out karma, they oversee the process. The Karmic Board is an organization where the Lords decide how much karma we can handle at any given time.

A magenta/violet colored fake check, It has Lady Liberty in the middle holding scales and peeking one eye out from under a blindfold. The check financial company is labeled as "My Highest Guidance Within Credit Union" Pay to the Order of is filled out to "Karmic Board" the memo takes up two lines of the check.
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When we forgive others through loving intention, we return the negative vibrational patterns we’ve created back into neutral light substances. When we forgive, we bring balance and harmony back into our lives. Forgive yourself and others, for any action, thought, or deed in past, present, and future.

Do You Use Protection?

Our electromagnetic field holds clogged energies. With no free-flow, we resonate with low frequency. These can have damaging effects, so protecting yourself is important.

Social interaction is an energetic free flow between auras. Debris from a dirty aura mingling with ours has dangerous consequences. Clearing our energy is good spiritual hygiene that lowers the risk of contracting spiritual attachments.

Are you aware of the symptoms & treatments? Want to educate yourself on energetic invasions?

While speaking about Spiritual Hygiene, let’s stop the spread of spiritual attachments too.

Spiritual Jargon

Words like, awakening, enlightenment, and ascension are said a lot these days. But, what do they, and all the other spiritual jargon mean? Learning the spiritual talk not only helps you understand the meaning of the word but will most likely grab your interest in what’s happening to humanity!

Landing page for a download .pdf of spiritual definitions.

I’ll teach you the spiritual talk!

Synchronicity“meaningful coincidences”.

Paradigm a typical example or archetype.

Chakras – are energy portals that regulate the energetic flow in and out of our body.

Vibrationsour emotional state and atmosphere.

Elevate Your Spirituality by Inviting Desires

The now moment is the only moment where you have power. It’s the most important moment you’ll ever experience. 

The still point of creation is eternal now. When you hold your thoughts in the now moment, you may then consciously choose in this now moment to lift yourself up to the vibes of the 5th dimension. 

Be focused and never wavering. Control your thoughts and emotions and say exactly what you want. This is how you call it into your life. By using invitations to invite your desire, you’re assured that the Universe heard you correctly. 

The Synergism of Sea & Skin Elevates Your Spirituality

Sea salts do much more than soften the water. They have other awesome qualities. Soaking in sea salts is a great way to absorb an important mineral you’re probably lacking, magnesium. 

Sea salt is made with the evaporation of saltwater. Sea salt is nutritious and beneficial. It’s anti-inflammatory, boosts circulation, and regulates blood sugar.

6 Free Tools to Elevate your Spirituality

A spiritual awakening can be uncomfortable and frustrating because personal growth is very intense.

If you feel guided, take advantage of these 6 free resources. Just click on the pictures for your free downloads!

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