Balance Karmic Checkbook

Working with the Law of Attraction is becoming more creative. Affirmations, vision boards, and scripting are popular tried and true methods. Additionally, an abundance check from the universe seems to be a favorite. Using the same idea, balance your karmic checkbook.

An abundance check tells the universe you’re ready to receive. But what about gaining abundance from a different perspective by writing a check to the universe? Or more specifically, to the Karmic Board. This statement tells the Lords of Karma that you’re clearing your energy field with forgiveness.

Check for Abundance from the Universe

The process of writing a check from the universe for abundance is simple:

  • Print the checks
  • Write your name and the monetary value or something you want to manifest
  • Sign it from The Universe
  • Keep it in on you knowing it’s coming true

The Law of Attraction works when you have the undeniable belief that what you desire is coming.

Karmic Board

Under the Law of Cause and Effect, all of our thoughts, intentions, and deeds are stored within our auric field and chakra system. We radiate the vibrational pattern created. This goes forth from us in an infinity pattern and returns to us in light frequency and measure.

Dark violet colored fake checks made payable to the Karmic Board. The financial institution is "My Highest Guidance Within" and the memo is two lines long. A picture of Lady Liberty is in the middle of the check. She's holding scales and is peeking one eye out from underneath a blindfold.

Throughout our lifetimes we accumulate good and bad karma. We do reap what we sow regardless of how long it takes. The Lords of Karma doesn’t hand out karma, they oversee the process. The Karmic Board is an organization where the Lords decide how much karma we can handle at any given time.

When we forgive others through loving intention, we return the negative vibrational patterns we’ve created back into neutral light substance. When we forgive, we bring balance and harmony back into our lives. Forgive yourself and others, for any action, thought, or deed in past, present, and future.

Balance the Karmic Checkbook and forgive everyone in this or any other realities.

Balancing the Karmic Checkbook

Free yourself from the shackles of the past and forgive. Forgive yourself, and everyone in all realities for any shared conflicting discordant energies.

The process is similar to writing a check from the universe:

  • Print the checks
  • Write the check payable to the Karmic Board
  • Write the amount as the person you’re forgiving
  • In the memo write an event where you’re holding onto resentment for someone
  • Sign it from you

While writing the check, consciously wrap all negative memories, impacted energies, and probable futures that you’ve created together, in a bubble of love. Mentally send it to them. This gift of adamantine particles along with their negative thought forms and if they desire, our love/light will transmute their negative thought patterns more easily.

If they don’t accept the gift and thereby don’t learn the lesson involved, it will manifest again through another person and situation. However, we’re released from that karmic interaction and will never have to experience it again. We gained wisdom from the experience and responded in a loving, masterful way.

Balancing the Karmic Checkbook will Open the Heart Center

This method helps with inner healing and self-transformation. Forgiveness is personal and must come from the heart. It doesn’t matter if others don’t forgive you because sincere forgiveness of yourself changes the dynamics of the energy frequency between us and others.

Our loving energies speak for itself and creates miracles.

Forgiveness of self is a facilitator of all others and an integral step in the process of opening the portal to our sacred heart center. Our heart portal must be opened in order to successfully connect with the many facets of our divine selves and our universal consciousness.

It not only benefits us and helps us to manifest what we desire for the greatest good of all, but our auric field will be filled with love and light.

Shine Bright!