Inspired Action for TF Union

We’ve always been co-creating with the universe through our thoughts and feelings. If we mindfully work with the Universal Laws, we manifest our dream life quicker and easier. Inspired action says we’re ready.

But, it’s not as simple as taking inspired action to gain a twin flame union. To be energetically ready, the following should happen:

  • healed a good amount
  • met your shadow self
  • accepted your shadows
  • forgave yourself
  • forgave others
  • released what no longer serves
  • purged stagnant relationships
  • speak your truth
  • claimed personal power

Now that you’re transformed, you’re completely exhausted. Want to raise your vibration and call in your soulmate? Let me help you.

Divine Timing

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Divine timing means your soul is ready.

Just like any relationship is unique to itself, the amount of healing required is user-specific. Nobody is ever fully healed. That’s an ongoing process.

You have to let your shadow speak. Acknowledge it. Now it’s quieter.

Nurturing guilt and shame stunts your growth. Accept what’s done and forgive yourself. Apply what you learned to future endeavors.

Nobody has to be a part of your life, but they can’t live angrily in your emotional body. Forgive. Apply what you learned to future relationships.

Releasing what no longer serves can be as simple as decluttering. End pointless friendships. Stop participating where there’s no equal give or take.

Always speak your truth.

Divine timing is based on you. Are you ready? Then its time.

How To Take Inspired Action

A positive attitude will manifest positive energies. Common ways to anchor an intention is through creative vision, affirmations, and journaling. But how about using a Zen Garden or meditation?

Both of these methods are powerful during transformation. And, both of these methods can set an intention. They bring spiritual expansion.

Meditation is a lifestyle characteristic of the spiritual awakening journey. It creates an inner space of peace and serenity. With it, we can focus, make better decisions, and reduce stress.

Using a Zen garden can improve focus, patience, and self-control. They improve mindfulness, and can even help you fight addictions. Buddhist philosophy teaches to detach from negative thoughts and impulses. Read this essay published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry for more ways to nurture positive ideas.

Inspired Action With Magnets & Zen

The tried and true method of creative visualization is therapeutic. Creating pleasurable stimuli raises confidence and becomes a motivational magnet.

Magnetic Zen Bottle is an alternative to the dry landscaping of a Zen Garden. It’s like a vision board but the images are in your mind. The bottle helps you stay grounded, and that’s where we manifest.

Raking the sand in a traditional Zen garden creates grooves representative of flowing water. The Zen Bottle is vice versa. The magnet pulls the magnetic ink to it. This is when you focus on the goal. It tells the universe that you’re ready to surrender and go with the flow.

The Zen Bottle will help you stay concentrated on the desired goal. Just having it around will remind you to stay dedicated and focused. This will cultivate over in all areas of your life.

Magnetic Biology

Since twins share one soul they’re able to influence the other’s thoughts and even mirror sensations. It’s like quantum entanglement. The feminine energy is magnetic and the masculine is electric.

The heart is the greatest generator of electricity in the body. It creates electrical, pressure, heat, sound, light, magnetic, and electromagnetic signals. The continuous motion creates and emits a magnetic field around it.

Geoscientists and neurobiologists at Caltech and the University of Tokyo conducted a study that shows on a subconscious level, the human brain actively processes and responds to magnetic rotations and changes in the Earth’s magnetic fields.

The study, which was published in eNeuro, was led by Dr. Joseph Kirschvink from the US California Institute of Technology. He stated, “Our results indicate that human brains are indeed collecting and selectively processing directional input from magnetic field receptors.” Just like our nomadic ancestors’ inner compass.

Once you return to your center of power that resides in your sacred heart, the urge to reunite becomes a magnetic force that can’t be denied.

Inspired Action For Union

“With you I’m not shy, to show the way I feel. With you I might try, my secrets to reveal. For you are a magnet and I am steel.”

Walter Egan, 1978 – Magnet & Steel

Empowerment comes from balance and trust. Your Twin Flame feels the same way about you that Walter Egan sings about Stevie Nicks.

People have more creative power than they realize. Add your voice to the collective consciousness. Call on your Twin Flame soul family. Feel their love and support. Your team of light supports your union. The pair of you have a divine contract to raise the vibrations of the world.

Magnet Magick!


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