Use Healing Crystals

Healing crystals cleanse the environment and our aura because they absorb negative energy. Each crystal has a unique ability, but are most known for their health benefits. They’re considered a pseudoscience because science can’t prove their abilities with the current instruments available.

Although modern technology can’t pick up on the high-frequency energy of healing crystals, we can sense their energy. Testimonials, experience, and their usage throughout history is telling of what working with these stones can offer.

A Crystal Solution for Everything

We’ve been using crystal magick since we learned how to walk upright. Injured? Hold a crystal where it hurts. Afraid of being cursed? Carry this crystal in your pocket, it’ll protect you.

Ancient empires, as well as cultures all over the world, used crystals. They’ve been discovered in places like:

  • Sinai, Egypt dated back to 4000 BC
  • dating back to the Paleolithic period in Switzerland and Belgium
  • amulets in Britain dated around 30,000 years ago

Crystals have the power to heal on the physical level and we can even absorb their frequencies through our skin. This does amazing things like boost the immune system.

On the metaphysical level, they treat emotional pain and help during personal transformation. Certain stones are grounding, meaning they help connect us to the energies of the Earth. And, that’s always an important thing.

You Should use Healing Crystals

My son and I hand out crystals like candy. Especially to my dad after his first heart surgery. I used to have to remind him that they only work if they’re close. But today, he’s pulling crystals out of his jean pockets and his shirt pocket! He said, “I don’t know how they work, I just know I feel better.”

It’s not required to be an energy healer, a spiritual walker, or an expert on stones to use them. Since masses of crystals exists, listing them all is not desirable. I highly encourage everyone to do their own research and learn what stones carry what properties. They are a remarkable gift from the divine.

Crystals are commonly used as beautiful decorations, and just having them in our environment is beneficial. But, we can program them with our intention and really unlock their divine power.

It’s super easy to incorporate them into everyday life. A neat suggestion is making your own healing crystal bracelets. That way, you keep them on your body, they’re attractive, and you imbue your own energy and intention in them.

But, if crafting jewelry isn’t your thing, there are plenty of witches, crafters, and energy healers that make them with the highest intention of love and light.

Love Yourself! Go Use a Crystal!