Assemble-Yourself Bottle Spell

Recently I was asked to do a spell for someone and it really made me feel a certain way. Now, I’ve been asked to do money and protection spells for people before. However, this request was for a self-love spell. Instead of agreeing to do it, I put together an assemble-yourself bottle spell. The idea was for the spell to be empowered with their own innate magick.

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Personal Development with Magick

Particularly, I felt different doing the spell because of the type of magick requested. The fact that a teenage girl acknowledged that she doesn’t treat herself with the utmost love is impressive. Additionally, she is taking positive action.

In fact, that’s what witchcraft is all about. Consequently, the craft connects us to our intuition. As a result, we’re open to a different kind of potential and growth. Experimenting with magick is a form of personal development like no other.

Witchcraft teaches you how to let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and be who you are.

Practicing magick is natural and empowering. It’s simply a harmonious movement of energy to create change. But, sadly, those who don’t believe in magick will never find it.

I’m hoping that by putting together an assemble-yourself spell jar she will experience her spiritual essence. She will connect to the power of the universe. In turn, she will learn that everything she needs is within. And finally, she will love herself the way she deserves.

Significantly, the goal is for her to be the energy she wants to attract.

Assemble-Yourself Bottle Spell

First, gather the materials needed. For the self-love bottle spell I used the following:

  • pink salt (this brand comes in a reusable glass bottle with a cork lid, & a choice of coarse or grain salt.

For the most part, the spell jar is pretty basic. For this reason, a ritual involving a cup of hot water and a cinnamon stick went with it. It’s equally important to raise and ground the energy of the desired outcome.

In reality, we live in a vibrational universe that responds to frequency. It’s better to feel what you want than tell.

Hence, the self-awareness ritual beforehand is to ground. It’s easier to call the intention to mind when centered. Now, your energy has more power to infuse the items with before adding to the bottle spell.

Realize that You Are Magick!

Read more about how you’re magick in the post, Spoiler Alert, You’re Magick!.

To point out, I’m not trying to recruit anyone into witchery. However, I’m always happy to share the life-transforming benefits of witchcraft. Overall, witches are incredibly spiritual and that in itself is a self-discovery journey.

With this intention, everyone should be aware that magick isn’t confined to witches, sorcerers, and enchanters. Spirituality shows you a magical reality full of divine guidance.

Take note that not every witch’s grocery list is milk, bread, and eye of newt! Hopefully, if we all be so completely ourselves, everyone else will feel safe to be themselves too.

To emphasize, it’s our birthright to experience the power and freedom we have within.

As above, so below. As the universe, so the soul. As within, so without.

Discovery your Sovereignty!


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