How To Enchant Stuff

I use the word enchant a lot. I like it. Generally, as a metaphor, it’s known as having great delight or pleasure with someone or something. It resonates with the way I feel about the universe. In the mystical world, enchanting is turning normal things into magical things. If you’re curious, this post will teach you how to enchant stuff.

Enchant –

1.fill (someone) with great delight; charm. 2. put (someone or something) under a spell; bewitch.

Enchanting Stuff is Versatile

Since anything can be enchanted for any purpose, this is a versatile form of magick. What we’re doing is programming an item with an intent.

Like with any magick, there are many ways to do this. The easiest way I’ve found to do this by channeling your intention energy into something. Then, charge it with energy when you perform the spell. In fact, you can feed it your energy or energy from another source.

You’ll want your intention to resonate with the item you’re enchanting. To demonstrate, I enchant my pen and Book of Shadows for powerful incantations.

Although it works best if the intention and item have a relation, you can associate any intent with anything. Personal meanings are powerful in magick. For example, four-leaf clovers are associated with luck. However, to me, they mean love because my beloved was born on St. Patrick’s day.

In another case, you could enchant makeup for beauty or your car keys for safe travel.

How to Enchant Stuff

Again, there are so many ways you could do this. Experiment to find the method that resonates with you and stick to that. Remember, always follow your intuition versus someone else’s instructions.

This is how I do it:

Close your eyes and open your crown chakra. Imagine a bright light – whatever color you wish – coming down from the divine. Imagine it’s a liquid light pouring on and around you. Althesame, you don’t have to be deistic to imagine this. ‘Divine’ can be your Higher Self, your intuition, the universe, call it what you will.

Cup the item in your hands holding them close to your mouth. Sense the energy it holds. Breathe in slowly but deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth towards the item. On every exhale imagine the same color forming a cloud around it.

Do this nine times while mentally stating your intention. 

Finally, after building up strong emotions about your intent, visualize it streaming into the object. 

Enchanting an item aligns it with specific duties and adjust its vibrational level to suit these duties.

Have an Enchanting Day!


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