Are You Recently Enchanted?

Eventually, we can’t ignore the mind-altering changes we experience. The more prominent events can lead to dissociation. For example, whispers nobody else hears, or fleeting shadows. In time, our tethering thoughts team up with turbulent emotions. As a result, we’re chauffeured to the edge of insanity. So, what’s going on? Are we losing our minds? Plot twist…yes. But, don’t submit to paranoia just yet. First, explore how the spiritual awakening process alters every area of life. Finally, ask yourself, are you recently enchanted?

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What is Recently Enchanted?


  1. placed under a spell; bewitched.
  2. filled with delight; charmed.

Enchanted is recognized as magical, so I connect it to spiritual awakening.

Absolutely, our perception changes. Then, we tune into psychic and spiritual abilities. Definitely, we know much is happening beyond the physical realm.

We understand there is a greater divine plan unfolding that we are a part of.

Are You Recently Enchanted?

Today we live in an era of accelerated awakening and our energetic field is in a state of change and expansion.

Blocked abilities are activated when we awaken. It becomes easier to tap into higher realms. Our spiritual awareness elevates when we ascend to higher consciousness. As a result, our intuition becomes clearer. Glimpses of color or lights, hearing a word, or just sensing another presence around can be concerning.

Extrasensory abilities like the clairs become enhanced. Clairvoyance allows some of us to see clearly in the mind’s eye and gain information through the paranormal senses. Clairaudient gives us the ability to hear messages from spiritual beings.

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Unfortunately, by not living in the present moment we miss the signs from our guides. We’re oblivious to the guidance we’ve received all our lives. The social matrix we call life has conditioned us to fret over what has been and stress about what will be.

The shift in consciousness tunes us in to be opened and receptive to spiritual guidance. Noticing the signs and synchronicities is magical. Seeing sparkles or flashes of light, especially in the dark, are signs from our guides that they are near. Understanding more of our spiritual nature eases fear as we come in contact more often with other beings.

Challenging Times

Vibrating at a higher frequency can be the ending of relationships, careers, and hobbies. Transforming our old thought process is to transmute outdated patterns. Naturally, people, places, and things will fall away that no longer serve our greatest good.

Do you have 99 problems because awakening ain’t fun? So did 2018 me. Back then I punched those problems in the face. That’s why today I acknowledge and accept them.

The beginning of my awakening was like an identity crisis where I thought I was Dr. Bruce Banner, but since I know nothing about physics that couldn’t be right. Others threw around words like schizophrenia, so I hoped I was just possessed or somehow drank Henry Jekyll’s drink. A strange case indeed.

I learned what was happening on my own. I studied spiritual awakening on my own. Meanwhile, I dealt with despair and painful awakening symptoms on my own. For instance, I managed to survive a dark night of the soul. After that, I healed, learned, and grew all on my own. I went through a complete metamorphosis – without a chrysalis.

The spiritual path can be very lonely. When we awaken relationships fall away. That’s because we no longer resonate with the vibration frequency as those still sleeping.

We all know that we’re a part of something that’s far greater than us.

Fact – Humanity is in the midst of a great evolutionary change that involves many tests and challenges.

Being recently enchanted is muddling, however, living in an enchanted world is enlightening.


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