Pretty Drinks

Who hasn’t had their news feed flooded with colorful drinks lately? I admit that I am a huge fan. I enjoy seeing them, making them, and drinking them. But some are full of sugar and calories, so health-conscious people steer clear of them. Of course, you can still enjoy them. I’ll show you how to tailor your pretty drinks to fit a spiritual diet.

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What is a Spiritual Diet?

To be clear, a spiritual diet doesn’t mean you have to cut out sugar!

A spiritual diet just means to keep yourself as clear of debris that interfere with being the best version of you.

This includes anything you ingest – drink, food, and the things you feed your mind.

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Pretty Drinks

What is a pretty drink? Most might think of colorful Starbucks drinks. But, don’t forget about moon milk, lattes, and more!

I’m obsessed with all of the above.

You can create and re-create any drink at home and cut excess sugar and calories.

Starbucks Drinks

While I love the convenience of a Starbucks drive thru, I do not love excess sugar and price tags!

Recently, I discovered that Starbucks has a “secret menu”. I seem to make it my mission to try them all.

Finally, the $10 price tag on my last visit brought me back to reality.

Starbucks refreshers are healthier than most other Starbucks drinks. To make them even healthier at home, just lower the amount of syrup or sugar, or use Stevia to sweeten.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll most definitely visit Starbucks again. But I want to be mindful and frugal. It’s a lifestyle change.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Such a pretty and healthy drink!

Butterfly Pea Flower has an impressive quality when responding to acid.

Add lemon juice and watch the color change from a deep blue to magenta!

Drink it hot or cold, and even make lattes and moon milk!

Pretty Moon Milk Drinks

Brown mug on a black counter. The mug has a pretty drink of green color with milk frothed on top.

I am in love with moon milk for many reasons. It’s spiritual, healthy, and gorgeous.

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Pretty Lattes

Purple Pretty Drink in a clear mug with frothed milk on top and rose petals.

Essentially, a latte is coffee with milk. However, you can make a latte with tea too!

Just add brewed tea, milk, and sweetener.

Pretty Smoothies

Light purple and dark purple latte's sitting beside each other in clear mugs with handles.

The reason I drink so many smoothies may be because I love to look at them.

It’s true that smoothies are a different kind of pretty drink. They’re practically a meal replacement.

The fact remains that you can seriously dress up this drink. With all the different fruit combinations, your smoothie can deliver the maximum pretty.

What do you think about Pretty Drinks?

To sum up, you can always enjoy a pretty drink!

There are so many options to partake in. Even if you’re on a no sugar diet, a spiritual diet, or no diet!

Therefore, get creative and design an artful cup of pretty drink!

Do you make pretty drinks at home? Tell me in the comments below!

Love & Blessings!


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