Saint Violet Flame

A spiritual awakening isn’t an automatic shift into love and living inside a rainbow. It’s an epiphany that urges us to seek the truth of who we are, what we are, and what’s really up with the universe. The Saint Violet Flame is a tool to help us with that.

This emotional voyage could be described by saying, *insert adjective here*. To even uncover the path that we’ll journey on is a hellacious task. But after that, we get our rainbow.

Some people complete this scavenger hunt eaiser than others. They know how to process clashing vibrational frequencies without getting thrown off balance. They apply their ascension to transmit the old paradigms and act solely for the highest good of all.

These people are called alchemists, which is a strong talent of Ascended Master Saint Germain.

He shares his gift of the Saint Violet Flame, and he wants me to share this with you.

The Violet Flame

The flame is violet because that color is the highest frequency in the visible spectrum. The benefits of using the violet flame are astounding:

  • cleanse the energy centers
  • release negative energy
  • raise our vibrations
  • reset energy levels
  • shield and protect from outside energies

We can even apply the flame’s high frequency to physical ailments. The flame is an ancient healing tool, but the public learned about it earlier this century.

As a result of alchemic properties, it can reduce years of family counseling. The power can resolve the cycle of negative family patterns, and even transmute karma.

Tiny electrons orbit the pattern of our soul identity. When using the flame, the atoms seem to’ sing’ with our blueprint. Our electronic presence goes back to harmony. So that’s why Archangel Zadkiel calls it the ‘violet singing flame’.

Who is Saint Germain?

In 18th century Europe, a mystery man, Saint Germain, appeared among the royal families. His long list of unique talents was noticeable. Some of these included, chemistry, alchemy, music, and magick.

The name Saint Germain means, “Holy Brother”. He is identified as the avatar of the Age of Aquarius. He’s associated with the color violet, the crystal amethyst, and the Maltese cross.

He earned his title as an Ascended Master because of his many lifetimes serving humanity. He has a special divine responsibility to use divine energy to expand consciousness.

Master Saint Germain serves as the Chohan of the Seventh Ray with his divine counterpart, Lady Portia. She is the Goddess of Justice. Saint Germain promotes freedom’s flame and Lady Portia promotes the flame of justice and opportunity.

Saint Germain’s mission is to bring individual freedom, peace, and enlightenment to the earth. Learn more about the Seven Rays of Light.

Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare documents that Saint Germain described the violet flame in the books Unveiled MysteriesThe Magic Presence, and the I AM Discourses.

Saint Germain and the masters have been preparing for the era where peace, enlightenment, and freedom become more possible. We are now in the Age of Aquarius where he teaches us to sing the new song.

Alchemy is the Violet Flame

Alchemy is the transmutation that turns base metals into gold. It’s also a spiritual process that brings the soul into a state of unity with the divine.

Acid forms in our body from negative thoughts and emotions. The violet flame assimilates and resolves that. It cleanses and restores the body to its natural purity. Then it’s possible to raise our vibration and energy level.

The color violet resonates with the vibration of the components of matter. It reaches within and between the atoms of our being and consumes negativity.

Thoughts, intentions, and deeds are stored within our auric field and chakra system. That’s not just from this lifetime on Earth, but also past lives throughout the solar system and galaxy. We can use the violet flame to dissolve past transgressions and release painful memories.

Holding on to inequity from the past doesn’t serve our greatest good. The flame dissolves restrictive membranes of light to bring us back into balance and harmony.

This cleansing will release and transmute karmic ties. Our electromagnetic field holds clogged karma. With no free-flow, we resonate with low frequency.

I suggest visiting Summit Light House to anyone looking to learn more about Saint Germain and his violet flame.

Self Transformation with the Violet Flame

Our spiritual practice empowers us with the courage to lift the veil and remove debris. We’re mostly unaware of the power of relationships. Humans are influenced by social programming that is fueled by ego. I’m not claiming that ego is bad, but the ego can be used as intellectual power.

If you want to heal you have to allow your shadow self a chance to speak. Processing silent emotions is healing. There’s a domino effect between relationship challenges, our ego’s defense mechanisms, and our shadow. It’s like the six degrees to Kevin Bacon rule.

Through writing, we get clarity about what’s needed to progress. We can better understand where our emotions are coming from because we’ll see personal patterns in challenges.

Via the gift of forgiveness, our emotional, mental, and etheric bodies can be healed and transmuted back into wholeness. This benefits our physical body and enhances our sense of well-being.

The Violet Flame Transmutation Workbook has worksheets to target specific emotional exchanges that weigh us down. While using the visual techniques of the violet flame, you document what you’re still holding onto. Then with the assistance of Master Saint Germain, those energies will be transmuted.

Global Transformation

There are three principles that Master Saint Germain teaches. Divine freedom, the use of divine power, and the activity of forgiveness. His guidance leads to self-discipline and the freedom of self-mastery.

Because we have free will, we have to choose to take the steps for transformation. Master Saint Germain will help transcend the past distorted belief patterns so we can find our own freedom.

The incoming Golden Age is under the direction of Master Saint Germain. The new era will bring humanity out of distortion. Mother Gaia and all her inhabitants are evolving to a new consciousness. We’re ascending into higher dimensions.

Explaining the evolutionary process is a challenge on its own. Understanding what’s taking place and how humanity is being affected is also quite a challenge. But, in essence, this is the apocalypse.

“There will be a new heaven and a new earth

Revelations 21:1 NIV

Love & Blessings!