How Can Lord Kuthumi Help You?

Lord Kuthumi is influencing our consciousness during the evolution of the planet. He guides us to manifest our desires into reality so that we may live to our full potential with love and light. He will help us raise our vibration frequency to bring out our inner divine light.

Kuthumi is the Hierarch of the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe – those who take on the burdens of the world. He wants to transform dogmatic thinking into unconditional love. He is a co-protector of the Holy Grail with the Archangel Michael. He represents the perfect balance of mind, body, and relationships.

Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi encourages steady focus with a willingness for higher truth. He assists and oversees the following:

  • focus and concentration upon our purposes
  • dedication to our soul’s purpose
  • working through emotional pain
  • how to overcome the ego
  • accessing our intuition
  • spiritual manifestation
  • working with teachers/students
  • working with researchers/architects/designers/artists
  • staying true to ourselves

The great Lord Kuthumi can assist us in the truth and understanding of others. He offers insight, wisdom, and the ability to retain information. This Ascended Master will work with souls who connect with the cosmic heart so they may learn to heal others.

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Victoria ☯︎