Bring Forth Your Light

An important part of our Earth mission is to intensify the light of the lower dimensions and focus on peace. Now is the time for all you light-bearers to bring forth your light.

This requires bold moves because staying in the comfort zone of the past isn’t going to help move this along. Peace must be built in the now, and in one moment at a time.

It’s the getting from here to there that is the concentration point.

Have faith that peace is on the horizon.

Bring Forth The Next Level of Spiritual Awareness

Try to anchor the light frequencies from the Second Ray – the Ray of Love and Wisdom. It was called the Cosmic Magnet in ancient times because of the divine radiation that attracts all unto itself.

Our main goal is to arrive at an accepted spectrum of duality. We gotta be there to tap into the divine magick. Our energetic signature has to be compatible with the mid-fourth dimension or higher, which is a harmonious frequency pattern.

Then, we’ll be able to access the adamantine particles of creator light in full measure. It’s activated by a pure, loving intention. Use and share this gift of Higher consciousness.

Congrats! You’ve now become the bearers and conveyers of divine energy. Bring forth your light in anything you say and do. Make everything for the greatest good of all.

The Revealing Light Removes Restrictions

The world we live in isn’t a reflection of the world we planned. Did you know that the highest vibrations of love, joy, and gratitude assist with the flow of the circle of life?

Removing restrictions will gradually lift us from the stifling 3rd/4th-dimensional density.

The discordant frequency patterns have to be processed. You can do that by:

  • a nightly review of your day while envisioning a positive alternative to any negative situation
  • genuinely try to forgive yourself and others
  • send out love and light via your personal creator wheel
  • add light to the world by imagining holding Mother Gaia in your hands. See your love and light like a liquid that’s pouring on top of the mini earth.

Plant your seed of peace and see it take root:

  • with a concerted effort, get into a focused state of being
  • see a tiny white speck on a black screen
  • see it begin to grow bigger and brighter
  • visualize the white spot as the re-emergence of peace on planet Earth

We pull peace into existence every time we:

  • don’t accept the mainstream status quo and violence that lingers
  • opt-out of the same old “just because it feels comfortable”

This isn’t a solo event. Millions of other souls volunteered for this quest. Picture each of your spiritual brothers and sisters doing this exercise every day and join them. Grow this speck brighter and larger every day.

Collectively, peace is birthed through our divine intent and purpose.

Bring Forth Your Light

To create the new blueprint of the future, we have to clear the destructive, distorted thought patterns of the past. Over time, the aura becomes encased in adamantine particles and develops a radiance.

People are attracted to us because they feel uplifted in our presence. If they open their hearts to this gift, they’ll receive an infusion of God Light through us.

The Angelic realm is proud of humanity for stepping out of the box. We are the voice of change that must be heard in order to create Heaven on Earth.

Our job is to visualize and materialize peace. We have to be in the here and now to accomplish that. We can’t be hanging out in the past or fast-forwarding into the future.

Creatively Expose Your Light

Some people struggle with the visualization part when trying to manifest. Not everyone is sight dominant. Your dominant sense is the one you notice brings you pleasure the most.

Energy has to move towards our intention. We get it flowing when we feel a sensation. Many creative techniques can harness energetic shifts.

The solution is as real as the struggle:

These sensory inputs aren’t strictly manifestation tools. They also have sensory benefits that help with complete spiritual transformation. And, whether you’re aware of it or not, you chose to participate in another Earth walk for that very reason.

As you release and heal the past you experience more love in the present moment.

Shine Bright!