Seeking Self-Mastery

We can’t turn our back on the world and life’s experiences, we must face them head-on. However, learning to view life from a higher vantage point without getting entangled in the small story dramas is vital for anyone seeking self-mastery.

In order to do so, you must expand your capacity for love and light so that it includes all facets of creation. Love of nature, love for the animal kingdom, love for humanity, love for our perceived enemies, and most importantly, love of self.

Process for Seeking Self-Mastery

In essence, all of creation is a part of you. An important part of your mission on earth is to intensify the light of the lower dimensions. Expansion of soul-consciousness results in the expansion of the auric field. Both are an intensity scope of influence. Overtime more of us will develop a powerful radiance that it’ll begin to have a positive effect on those around us, humanity, and eventually the earth.

An aspirant on the path must focus on both outer and inner world training. Become a conscious observer of what is taking place around you and learn to process the harmonious and discordant frequency patterns.

Emotional and mental discipline is important if you’re seeking self-mastery.

The knowledge or theories you accept as your own truth must be experienced in order to gain that wisdom. You must learn to pay attention to the impulses of your sacred mind and sacred heart That’s how you’ll learn to communicate with the beings of the higher realms and gain cosmic wisdom.

The ego is a facet of the personality self. It was designed to help develop a sense of identity and individuality. An outer ward focused mind is guided by the ego. The misdirected ego-self creates the illusional belief system of the material plane. This is a reality based on separation, fear, selfishness, and scarcity.


In order to receive the lessons of light, you must lift your consciousness to attune to at least the fifth sub-level of the fourth dimension.

In the beginning, there was communication amongst specialized spiritual guides and guardians. Over time, this gift was lost as humanity sank deeper into material world consciousness. They gradually quit going inward for the sake of connection with the higher realms.

Humanity is in the midst of a soul and cellular awakening. As you move into the higher frequencies your cells, etheric body, and auric field will begin an accelerated purification process.

Give yourself and others the gift of forgiveness. Free yourself from karmic interactions and change the dynamics of your frequency.

Forgiveness is a huge part of clearing work. Stand in your own personal power and extend a hand. When stuff surfaces, remember that this an opportunity to clear it and move forward.

Remember this is the human character you chose to play. These are the lessons we scripted before we incarnated. We have contracts and agreements and they are all queuing up to go on stage.

They too are responsible for bringing themselves back to light. Remember, you can not convey that which you have not claimed as your own.

Learn the Lessons!