Spiritual Awakening & Magick

People often think of magick as witchcraft or wizards. But, magick is done in many forms by many different people. Magick is all around us whether one’s aware or not. Since I began my awakening three years ago, I’ve noticed how spiritual awakening & magick go hand in hand.

Spiritual Awakening Shows us our Magick

When we wake up to the illusions of the world we start to notice otherworldly beings. Notably, faeries and nature spirits. Noticing these beings opens the door for us to co-exist with them. Or, work with them if you’re into Faery Magick.

The energy of nature spirits in between trees

We realize that we are being guided by higher forces. Even though we’ve always had these guides, we are noticing their messages now. In addition, we learn to communicate with them.

Communicating with them can be as simple as asking a question out loud and then later seeing something that answered your question. Then again, you could ask a yes or no question and state what you’ll look for.

For instance, email yourself but address it to your guides or the universe. Say if the answer is yes, show you a certain object or let you hear a phrase three times in the next couple of days. If the answer is yes, I promise you’ll see your confirmation.

Of course, some people are mediums and can channel these beings directly. Some of us are highly intuitive and can sense energy and messages. Because our spiritual abilities and gifts become more prominent, it encourages some to find their calling in tarot or psychic readings.

Spiritual Practice IS Magick

I quickly learned how similar my spiritual practice and witchcraft are. A good example of this is the use of healing crystals. Both practices know the magick and power of these stones and work with them every day.

I advocate for everyone to use healing crystals regardless of their lifestyle. They are amazing divine gifts. You can read more about why here.

Before participating in any sort of metaphysics, it’s a good idea to protect yourself. In witchcraft, we cast a circle and call upon the Guardians of the Watch Towers to protect us. In spiritual practice, we call upon the angels to form a circle of protection around us before meditating.

Speaking of meditation, think about meditation for a specific purpose. For example, to clear chakras. With your mind you imagine a colored light going to your chakras and cleansing them. As a result, your chakras are benefiting!

Is that not magick?!

Our Natural State of Being

The truth is we are all naturally magick. I hope humanity gets to the point of acceptance rather than shunning. Magick is not evil nor against the Will of God. The complete opposite actually because we were gifted these abilities.

Spoiler alert – you’re magick! is a blog post I wrote last year demonstrating these points. If you feel called to check it out I think you’ll find it interesting. We live in a magical universe full of magical beings. Embrace it!

Don’t Hide Your Magick!