How to Get Rid of Annoying Spirits

Sometimes we come in contact with a spirit whose a little mischievous. They break out their spook tactics to try to gain power over you. A lot of people submit to this kind of pesky behavior. While most spirits will accept you rejecting them, occasionally, there’s that one that won’t. In the event that this happens to you, here’s how to get rid of annoying spirits.

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Why is this Spirit Annoying Me?

When a spirit won’t leave you alone, it’s probably because they feel comfortable with you. To clarify, your energy makes them desire your company. Are you new to magick? Maybe you haven’t grasped controlling your energy yet.

At the beginning of my spiritual journey I didn’t properly set boundaries. I had a troublesome spirit become a “back and forth” annoyance to me and my son. Both of us on our spiritual awakening and new to magick. I imagined our home was shooting out a beacon of light to the astral. Or a big blinking neon sign with an arrow pointing to us!

Not to mention my son was tuning in to his spiritual gifts. That boy would fall asleep with his iPad blasting in his ear to stop the otherworldly chatter. We discovered my son is a medium and the spirits did too.

Suddenly, I would have to tell spirits to leave him alone. Although the chatter started to decrease, I noticed a spirit hanging around me. It seemed as though I would banish it from me, but it would go bother my son for a while. Frequently, we were passing it back and forth.

For the most part, beings interact with us all the time. These can be from this plane, upper or lower planes, any dimension, or even a different galaxy. With this in mind, contact with entities range in reasons:

  • a spirit from a past life connection with unresolved issues
  • a traumatized soul in search of comfort
  • a spirit who is lost and seeking direction
  • a negative spirit whose goal is to stop our spiritual growth
  • intercourse with someone that has an entity attachment
  • a confused ghost
  • doing spirit work in witchcraft

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Get Rid of Annoying Spirits

Whatever the reason for a spirit hanging around, they can disrupt our lives.

Firstly, tell them no. Be polite but firm and tell them you can’t help them. This is your space and ask them to leave. Most spirits will accept this. Then, of course, cleanse yourself and your environment.

It’s important to regularly clear your energetic field. Imagine a bright light cleansing your aura and ask your angels and guides to help. Simply say, “Please clear me now. Thank you.”

Use a smudge stick of sage or Palo Santo and give everything a good smoke cleanse. As a spiritual person, there is nothing that feels purer than smudging.

Next, create and put up a ward. Warding prevents unwanted energies from entering your space. For example, casting a circle.

In your mind’s eye, imagine a bright light forming a circle around your space or home. You can add a chant if you like. Something along the lines of, “With the power of my Higher Self, I cast this circle of protection, in every element direction.”

Over time, they build up enough power and don’t have to be charged as often. A ward can be used to keep energies out or keep them in.

Consider choosing an object to turn into your guardian ward. Start by cleansing and charging the object, then set your intention. Energetically tie guardian to the area by visualizing a barrier around the space. Finally, place it in a permanent spot and activate it. Such as telling it its new role.

Set Those Boundaries!


2 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Annoying Spirits

  1. Hello. I live with my elderly Mom and for many years, she experiences strange thing’s at night when trying to sleep. Something wake’s her up all night long by touching her, talking, whispering, singing. Also, we find thing’s missing. My mom had about $300 on her night stand and the next day it was gone. Then a calculator was missing. We looked everywhere. Next day we found both the money and calculator in our spare room. Just laying there in the open.
    I only experienced a couple things… being touched lightly on my hand. But one night, I was sleeping and wasn’t sure if I woke up or was dreaming but I sat up in bed and someone pulled upwards from the center of my blanket like they were using two fingers and lifted the blanket in the air. Freaked me out. We’ve tried everything to get rid of it. My mom seems to think it’s a relative of my Dad. Many year’s ago his cousin gave my mom his deceased mother’s tarot cards and since then it hasn’t stopped. We don’t know what else to do. Can you help in any way? Ty

  2. Hi, Wendy! Spirits do like to play tricks on the living. You should try to firmly stating out loud that it needs to leave. Next, cleanse the home with some sort of smoke bath – incense, sage, or Palo Santo. Or, you can even use an oil diffuser.

    Be sure to cleanse the tarot cards and wrap them in a silk cloth. I hope this helps!

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