Crows Are a Higher Intelligence

Enchanting Animals: Corvidae Family – Crows, Ravens, Jays, Magpies

Crows and the whole Corvid family (songbirds) keep proving to be smarter and smarter. These magical creatures adapted to a human-dominated world and learned a great deal. They’re so smart, their intelligence is compared to a 7-year-old human’s! Prepare to be astonished at the higher intelligence of crows.

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Bird Brain Power

Due to multiple signs of intelligence, research has proven that crows are one of the smartest birds. For example, they are self-aware and practice self-control. Therefore, they can complete a series of events to solve puzzles.

Certainly, the bird brain insult doesn’t apply to crows! After all, they have their own version of a human cerebral cortex. A study published in science finds that crow brains are neuron-dense. Despite their small size, it’s estimated to be 1.5 billion. This is on par with apes.

Scientist and researchers conduct behavioral test to measure their intelligence.

Moscow State University and University of Iowa collaborated a study. They discovered that crows exhibit behavioral signs of analogical reasoning. We develop this form of cognition around 3 or 4 years old.

Crows have long term memory including facial recognition. They tell the other crows which humans are nice and mean to them.

Crow’s Creativity

Scientist observed crows figuring out casual relationships. For example, a variation of an Aesop’s Fable where a thirsty crow figured out how to raise the water with pebbles.

In this study, six wild crows were able to determine how to obtain floating food rewards. They deposited heavy objects into water-filled tubes and were able to choose objects that sink rather than float! What’s more, they selected tubes with high water levels and solid objects rather than hollow ones.

This demonstrates their preference for the reward with the least amount of work.

It is true that their creativity doesn’t stop there. These aviators are so creative, they know how to fashion and use tools!

Surprising Higher Intelligence

Crows have a super reputation for being clever. Just how clever may surprise you.

Crows have an interesting relationship with wolves. A crow will mimic the call of a wolf to lure it to a carcass too big to pick open. This is why it’s said that crows eat with the wolves.

What’s more, when crows can’t crack open nuts, they drop them at busy intersections. When the light turns red, they safely grab their food! How’s that for clever?!

More facts to illustrate how crows are scary intelligent:

  • they love to play
  • signal to each other
  • fashion tools
  • recognize human faces
  • bring their favorite people gifts
  • trick each other
  • hold grudges
  • talk to each other
  • visit their parents
  • mimic other animals
  • are fair with portions

Surely, this list could go on and on.

Crows are Scary Intelligent

Without doubt, crows are scary intelligent. Their ability to understand analogies is impressive enough. These guys understand basic cause and effect casualties that pre-k children struggle with.

Crows structure strategies for problem solving. This trait is also found in dolphins and chimpanzees.

They imitate sounds, other animals and can be taught to talk! Matter of fact, crows speak their own language.

Remarkedly, they can pick a face out of a crowd and have exceptional knowledge.

Crows & Ravens Are Different

You may be surprised to learn that crows and ravens are two different species. These birds inhabit North America, and subspecies inhabit other parts of the world.

Here are some ways to tell them apart:

  • crows are smaller
  • a raven has a larger, hairy beak
  • you’ll find ravens more in woodland areas
  • crows are louder

Certainly, all amazing facts here apply to both birds.

Crow Magick

The spiritual meaning of a crow is different in many cultures. Of course, superstition associates the crow with death. However, they represent death and rebirth so be sure to use spiritual discernment.

The raven’s call, cras, cras, translates to tomorrow in Latin. So, perhaps this is why they are known as seers of the future.

The Celtics and Native Americans viewed the crow as a symbolism of profound knowledge and intelligence.

They’re also viewed as shapeshifters because they can adapt to different situations.

The Crow symbolism includes mystery, mischief, transformation, fearlessness, and of course, higher intelligence.

Crows are teachers and a sponsor of magick.

Remarkable Intelligence

Although they have a negative place in fiction, certainly, crows are remarkable. I’m grateful to learn about these extraordinary birds and eager to share.

The next time you see a crow, show it the respect it deserves.

With the Highest of Love & Blessings,


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