7 Plants for Intention

Whenever we call on the element of earth, we are calling on the magick of nature. How magical is putting a seed into the earth and having it grow into life? Therefore, if you’re enhancing your spiritual awareness or working on your craft, find the best suited plant to help with your intention. Here’s a list of 7 plants for intention.

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Spiritually Working with Plants

When we work with plants we work with the energy of natural sources. We can go beyond the plant itself and work with land and nature spirits too.

Because they have consciousness, forming a spiritual alliance with a specific plant is best accomplished with a living plant. However, dried plants retain power too but lack conscious intelligence.

To form the strongest bond, grow the plants yourself. Let the plant know what you want from it as you nurture it. Then, they become your partners.

Just like farmers have been doing since the beginning of time, many spiritual people plant herbs and flowers according to the lunar cycle.

Truly enjoy the mindfulness of gardening and experience the joy of nature. 

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7 Plants for Intention


Ivy is linked maternally with protection. For instance, houses covered with ivy are protected by the plant. Keep an ivy plant in your house and the vines capture negativity.

Ivy grows in the shape of the sacred spiral. The twisting vine is linked to fidelity in relationships.

Use ivy to set an intention for protection. Wrap it around a photo of yourself or loved one that you want to protect.


Also known as the “witch’s herb”.

Basil is sacred in Hinduism and has many connections to health protection, wealth, and luck.

Make an herbal spray with a basil infusion to spray around your sacred space. This will cleanse and raise vibrations.

Ancient connections to witchcraft gives basil so much versatility. Similar to writing intentions on bay leaves and burning them, write on a basil leaf.

If basil is something you’re interested in, check out this basil grow kit.


Fun fact – the first roses only had five petals and was shaped like a pentagram.

This old plant has been cultivated over the years to be bigger and more vibrant. Specifically, it’s connected to love and passion.

Use roses to make rose water, oil to anoint candles, or perfume.

It’s common to set an intention for love with roses like using roses in love potions. However, start thinking about the rose’s other characteristics. It curls up tightly and grows thorns to keep us out.

Most don’t know the rose is also the symbol of secrets. Sub rosa, – confidential, only spoken under a veil of secrecy.

From this perspective, use the rose to set intentions to keep something hidden or safe.


We fall in love with the properties of lavender because they evoke feelings of relaxation and peace. With its positive vibration, lavender alleviates stress while freshening the atmosphere. As a result, we gain a peaceful sleep.

Wearing lavender will protect you from the evil eye. Hanging lavender near your front door will stop negativity from entering your home.

Use lavender for a multitude of things:

Lavender is so versatile, it can help you set multiple intentions.

There’s really no reason not to grow your own lavender with so many uses and spiritual benefits.


He loves me, he loves me not…

Remember playing this game with a daisy? Daisies are associated with young love and innocence. After all, they promote a sunny outlook and happy plans.

In fact, the daisy just looks happy. Therefore its given at happy times or when someone could use some cheering up. Do the same for yourself and add daisies to your self-care ritual.

Set the intention to find joy with fresh daisies. Put a daisy on your altar or in your bedroom and feel the positive energy shift.


Legend says finding a clover allows you to see hidden nature spirits and faeries. The Celts used a shamrock as a symbol of their knot work. It’s also used to represent the balance of threes: gods, goddesses, and time.

Environmentally, clover is beneficial. It encourages pollination and improves soil.

Although its obvious to use clover for luck, they also help with communication and matters of the mind. Burn dry clover leaves and set the intention as the smoke lingers.


Garlic is best thought of as a strong flavor in spaghetti or repelling vampires. However, garlic is used medicinally and adds great benefits to our major organs. Try hanging garlic in your kitchen to encourage healthy cooking.

Ancient Greek and Roman soldiers used garlic for courage. Likewise, eat something garlicy while setting the same intention.

Truly, garlic remains the reigning warding agent. As such, add it to spell bottles or a talisman to ward something or someone off.

Plants to Set an Intention

Ultimately, you can find a plant to support any intention you have.  Observing nature is a powerful learning tool and incredibly calm. Growing and working with plants is very spiritual.

For that reason, take interest in interacting with nature whether or not you have a garden!

Grow Healthy, Eat Healthy, Live Healthy.


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