Lightworkers & Starseeds

Lightworkers and Starseeds have a purpose to shine their light and assist others. During this time of mass awakening, it’s common for them to help others with inner evolution.

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Lightworkers have healing souls and some feel called to healing activities. They’re found amongst the talented in psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing. Overall, they’re always down to improve lives.

These souls have an attractive positive frequency. They like to live mindfully, sustainably, and in love. Eventually, they move away from drama and gossip.


What are Starseeds anyway? Many are rolling their eyes reading that term but, that’s the term and it fits. Starseeds are advanced souls that chose to reincarnate at this time. The purpose is to bring knowledge to increase planetary awareness.

Their vibration is at a different frequency that allows access to certain information. They are here to advance the planet and create a new world.

Signs of a Starseed

  • more creative
  • excel academically
  • hard to follow rules
  • innovated
  • excess energy
  • psychic
  • extensive sight/hearing
  • sensitive intuition
  • very sensitive
  • want to change the world
  • difficulty working in groups
  • mature quicker
  • larger pupils/sharper eyes

Coming out of the Spiritual Closet

Of course, now is the time for lightworkers to mount up and spread the values of humanism. Being a lightworker doesn’t have to be a complex lifestyle change. Equally important, some are meant to show their light and be an example. If as simple as standing in your truth and speaking up for injustices.

Other lightworkers utilize their divine gifts for the benefit of all. In like manner, this could be healing, guiding, teaching, and counseling.

With this intention, don’t let skeptics discourage you. People are naturally cynical about energy healers and psychics. Maybe overcoming that fear is your initiation of sorts. Because as lightworkers, it’s our job to show and tell. It’s more important than ever to grow the lightworker community.

To Lightworkers & Starseeds

Author of the  Light Is the New Black,  Rebecca Campbell suggests self-care enhances your abilities to help others. Equally, raising consciousness requires that you continuously raise yours.

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Consequently, staying grounded and doing clearing work is vital for lightworkers and starseeds. To be fair, those are vital activities for everyone but serving others requires spiritual hygiene.

Stay on top of your center game by working with crystals, earthing, and meditation. Similarly, Zen Gardens are fun and here’s a cool alternative:

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Use the Magnetic Water Meditation bottle as an alternative to a dry landscape Zen Garden. The bottle holds water, sparkles, magick, and MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) toner. Using the bottle gives the same benefits as using a Zen Garden or meditating. 

Healing Mother Earth Gaia is an important part of lightworking. The Glow with Gaia guided journal is a great tool to help lightworkers heal Gaia while doing their own inner work. Use the form to join our newsletter and get a free copy of Glow with Gaia via email!

Spending time with like-minded people gives you a support system. The spiritual path can be lonely anyway because it often costs relationships. If we no longer resonate with the vibration of others, they fall away.

Spiritual Awakening is a personal and unique experience. Therefore, it sucks to try to share the sensation with someone who’s never had one. Consequently, being in a community helps us get a better sense of our spiritual gifts and how to truly help others.

Highest Love & Blessings!


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