Stop Fearing Your Spiritual Sight

Surely, more and more of humanity is noticing beings of other Kingdoms. At the same time, more and more of humanity keep those events to themselves. Why? Because they’re afraid of what the other muggles will say. Stop that. Likewise, stop fearing your spiritual sight!!! Let me show you how.

Sound a Bit Woo-Woo? Or how about a Bunch of Hocus Pocus?

Firstly, let’s address the term “woo-woo”…

Definition of woo-woo:

dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific. And she has written a book … in which she dismisses what she calls “woo-woo spirituality” in favor of some straight talk on living with loss …

Really, Merriam Webster? In favor of some straight talk, I’ll head back over to 1992 where Dolly Parton and James Woods showed us that romantic comedies are cliche, am I right?

Different from cliché sappy love stories is the spiritual realm. Not all spiritual experiences are the same and certainly nothing taboo. If your friends and family view spiritual contact as ‘Hocus Pocus’, first, remind them that was about witchcraft.

Then, remind yourself that it’s not their fault. We all step into our truth and open-mindedness at our own pace.

However, much like cliché romantic comedies, spiritual encounters are exciting to be a part of.

What is the Spiritual Sight that Scares You?

One of the tools we have to connect with the spirit world is clairsentience. Basically, it means a clear feeling. We’ll feel certain sensations when the spirit tries to grab our attention. Learn how to distinguish what each sensation means so you can figure out how to communicate back. 

Sensing energy is a form of awareness. For some of us, it’s more naturally developed, however, we all can do it.

My strongest spiritual gift is clairaudience. This is the ability to hear voices and messages from the spiritual plane. A great bonus of having a strong clairaudience is it allows us to discern a deeper meaning behind the words people speak. Most will hear ringing or buzzing and be sensitive to sounds.

Clairvoyance is clear seeing. It gives the ability to foresee events and discern premonitions. Someone who is strong in this sense, like I am, can also see through people’s untruths. They have prophetic dreams, see auras and spirits.

Claircognizance means clear knowing and allows you to “know” without any physical evidence or proof. Often, you’ll have deja vu or sudden insights about the past, present, or future. Again, this is one of my strong spiritual gifts.

Of course, there are numerous spiritual gifts; psychic mediums, healers, tarot readers, ect.

Types of Spirits You Sense

  • human spirits
  • ghost
  • thoughtforms
  • spirit guides
  • faeries
  • elementals
  • angels
  • ascended masters
  • devas

Remember that spirit is made of energy. When you are in the proximity of a ghost, it’s likely you’ll feel other sensations. Ghosts are usually unaware of you. They are wanderers.

The floaty energy you see is most likely spirit guides or angels. They are made up of high frequency. You’ll sense your personal guides in various ways. They’ll present themselves to you in ways that depend upon who they are. When in contact with angels, you’re in the presence of light. You’ll see flashes or sparkles of light.

Faeries show up in my scrying tools. If I’m scrying in sage smoke or Palo Santo smoke, they love to show themselves. You’ll know when ones around if your tiny stuff comes up missing.

Seriously, Stop Fearing Your Spiritual Sight

Once you learn how to distinguish which one you’re dealing with, you’ll learn how to start working with them. Remember, the keyword here is gift. Communicating with beings of other Kingdoms is truly a gift. And the new normal!

Being sensitive to energy allows us to be aware of the signs from the universe. But it also can lead to overstimulation. Unfortunately, this can cause a variety of problems that need to be addressed. If you are energy sensitive, there are a number of things you can do to overcome the sensitivity struggle.

  • essential oils
  • meditation
  • energy work
  • healing crystals
  • chakra balancing
  • creating energetic shields

The goal is to harness the power of your gifts and use it to your benefit.

The first step is to clear your energetic field. It’s extremely important to keep your auric field clear of debris for maximum clarity. Palo Santo is my number one source for spiritual needs. The high resin content of Palo Santo wood has purifying properties when it’s burned. That’s why it traditionally used to clear negative energy and purify spaces, people, and objects.

You can ignore your spiritual sight, but that won’t make it go away. The entire universe is ascending, fellow travelers. Share stories with like-minded souls to support each other on this confusing, but amazing journey of awakening.

We are now the first humans to know our divine, true nature.


Share your personal stories, fellow seekers.