What Are Your Thoughts Forming?

A thought-form is an accumulation of energy through ideas and emotions. They can be felt like heavy energy in a room after a fight or how two people can have the same idea at the same time. Thought-forms gain momentum and strength in a group. So, nows the time to ask yourself, what are your thoughts forming?

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Are Your Thoughts Forming Love & Light?

The power of thought-forms comes from the energy attached to them. This strong manifested thought is surrounded by ethereal substance. What’s more, it’s charged with prana, and carries the vibration of life energy of its creator.

Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater wrote, “each definite thought produces a double effect — a radiating vibration and a floating form.”

For example, one person can stimulate similar vibrations of their thoughts in a nearby person. Because the floating form is a strong and definite thought, it has attracted energies from the mental and astral planes. In this way, it’s become a form of an independent being.

A thought of love directed strongly creates a form to the person thought of and remains in their aura as a shielding agent. It will strengthen friendly forces and weaken unfriendly ones that go into their aura.

According to Leadbeater’s clairvoyant perception, thought-forms are made of the matter of the thinker’s mental body. The image “floats” in the upper part of the body and remains there for as long as the person continues to think about it. It’s further suggested that if a strong emotion accompanying the thought will form an image. So now, the thought is in an astral/mental form.

When the image arrives, it discharges itself into the astral and mental bodies of that person. In turn, it arouses feelings and thoughts of a similar nature. A Textbook of Theosophy, 1946, p. 50.

Read more in their book, Thought-Forms.

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Are Thought Forms Esoteric Magick?

In the works of Alice Bailey, the process of “building a thought-form” is viewed as an esoteric magical act. What this means is that everything starts off as a thought. It contains the “blueprint” using which the creation is built… including the Universe.

According to ancient teachings, two phenomena take place during the process of thinking and feeling.

After a thought-form is created, the act of thinking produces what is called a psychic radiatory field. This is similar to a transmitting tower that sends out television signals. Thinking and feeling something strongly radiates an energy field with the quality of that energy.

According to Besant and Leadbeater, a thought-form contains the exact content of your thoughts and emotions. The psychic radiatory field contains the quality of your thoughts and emotions. This is important because if you can learn the art of creating powerful thought forms, then you can harness the power of thoughts to create prosperity and success.

Thoughtforms exist in two forms, internal and external. The internal thought form exists within the energetic body. They attach themselves to our energy centers that feed and maintain them.

Negative thought-forms typically lodged themselves into the areas on the energetic body where lower vibrational primal energies exist. This is around the solar plexus, the lower back, and the naval. Positive thought-forms find their way around the heart.

External thought-forms attach themselves to places and things. They can be found where there is an abundance of the type of energy that feeds them. These can be places or objects we think of as cursed or haunted as well as places or objects we consider sacred or holy.

Clear & Protect Yourself from What Your Thoughts are Forming

The negative thought-forms in the aura damage the chakras and result in low self-confidence, low self-esteem, and will hinder future success. Consequently, it runs the same negative program over and over again.

Intentional or not, these negative programs cause bad consequences. Hence it is important to learn to protect yourself from negative thought-forms. We can also remove negative energy from objects and other people.

Diffusing essential oil with aromatherapy can clear energy and make it easier to keep a positive mind.

Sage smudging has long been used to connect to the spiritual realm and to enhance intuition. Burning sage is used to clear negative energy and to solve spiritual dilemmas.

Singing Bowls are popular among Zen practitioners and healers for prayer meditation and they frequently use the singing bowl for cleansing.

Sidenote – Tibetan singing bowls have many purposes, including stress reduction and pain relief. Singing bowls produce changes in the body by reducing ​stress and balancing the energy system. Tibetan singing bowls can also stimulate the immune system and produce beneficial changes in brain waves. They are a wonderful addition to any spiritual practice.

It’s vital to apply purifying techniques to yourself and space.

Final Thoughts on Thought-Forms

It’s important to remember that thought-forms feed on the same type of energy that created them. Further, they also gather the same type of energy. As they grow and draw more energy they attract other thought-forms of similar nature.

For this reason, it’s difficult to clear powerful thought-forms.

The better we understand our own energy, the more we increase our intuition. Feeling sad, angry, and stressed are lower vibrations saying it’s time to cleanse. An energy ritual keeps us in control of our own vibe.

Spiritual Hygiene is Important, Advanced Souls!


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