Do You Have an Altar?

An altar is a place of sacrifice and a powerpoint to draw spiritual and supernatural strength.” – Genesis 8:20-21.  But, from a witch’s point of view, an altar has many purposes. Crafting spells, meditation, and worship are the functions of mine. I enjoy the act of building a dedicated display so much, even when not in use, it’s a prized witchy ornament focal point. Do you have an altar?

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In the first place, over decorating an altar is easy to do. When you work a spell your intent is directing energy. Not to mention that your intent is reinforced by the correspondences. So, effectively directing energy can be a challenge with a lot of unnecessary extra items. I have found that less is more.

Comparatively, what about quick sigil, candle, or spells you perform outside? Personally, I don’t need to set up a ritual at all in those cases.

I have one routine spell that I recharge on my altar. Of course, I switch out candles, crystals, and charms, but everything corresponds with the same intent. As can be seen, anytime I get the urge to work this spell, my area is ready to go. Under those circumstances, I feel that my efforts increase the spell potency.

Regardless of what I share in my craft, your spell crafting space is personalized to you. Ultimately, always do what feels right.

To point out, an altar is simply a sacred space. It can be a dedicated area where you go to connect with the spirit.

Therefore, without performing magick at all having a special area is a great addition to your spiritual practice. It can be your sacred space where you meditate. Or the place where you connect best with your guides, angels, or ascended masters.

What’s On Your Altar?

Commonly found on altars:

I’m a chronic intention setter. I use any bare area to honor a deity, an intention, or the elements. Likewise, I’ve had altars dedicated to my children and grandson to infuse them with unconditional love and peace. I’ve fashioned together more altars than I can remember and have had up to eight at one time scattered throughout my home.

In this case, I wasn’t crafting spells, but rather appreciating.

For example, to connect with the water element, I adorned a small table in my bathroom with objects corresponding to water. That was my focal point while meditating in the bathtub. I expressed my gratitude for all the powerful energy the element of water does for me in my spiritual practice.

Above all, it’s important to remember to have fun with your intention. If you feel guided, do it!

Happy Crafting!


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